December 12 2022

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Original Minutes on Google Drive

Leads Meeting 12-12-2022


  • Patrick Hutchison
  • James Seymour
  • Ben Rogers
  • Mike Atherton
  • Dean Day
  • Sherry Ibrahim
  • Rustin Atkeisson
  • Gary Titus
  • John Nicholas
  • James Lancaster
  • Sean Sandefur
  • Scott Sullivan


  • Gaye Cain


  • Steve Saner
  • Aaron Rivers
  • David Springs
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Malissa Long
    • (Out, had dental work.)
  • Tom Bloom
  • LaDeana Dockery
  • Joe Birzer
  • Dan Kreis
  • Doug Wilson
    • (I’m finishing my last Monday night class, so I’ll be at the next Leads Meeting.)
  • Ethan Doak
  • Steve Owens

Area Updates

Ceramics - Patrick H / Scott S

  • Kiln needed to have the thermocouple replaced.
  • $709.xx raised from Holiday Ornament Fundraiser.

Electronics - James S

  • Have stuff to repair Judith.  Upgrading to an AT Mega.  Will have 15 analog pins and a bunch of digital.  Can do most anything you can with any other arduino type project.
  • Added an electric screwdriver to the space for folks with mobility issues.
  • Added a big set of torx bits.

Fab Lab - Steve S (Asst. Christian K.)

  • Per Rusty, Dave Miller may be up to be lead for 2023.

Garden - Sean S (Sherry)

  • Will be working out next season’s contract at January meeting after discussing with Gary.
  • Winter cover crops planted in some beds.
  • More cleanup will be done this month and next in preparation for next season.  
  • Plan to start seedlings under lights in spring (likely in boiler room).

IT - (James L)

  • Small forum glitch, will need to be updated to larger size, so will be down some night probably at 0300 or so. Thanks to Christian for fixing the issue which worked for testing.
  • Computer lab being worked on, waiting on budget for some bits so it doesn’t need to be done twice.

Jewelry - Mike A

  • The folks at McMullin have donated a diamond tip engraver.  
  • Also have new long-term loan equipment: diamond scale, tumbler, mortar and pestle, industrial ultrasonic cleaner, and some other things from Linda Bales.
  • Want to talk to the board about moving Jewelry lab to a larger space.

Letterpress - David S

  • .

Metal Shop - Rustin A (Asst. John Miranda, Jimmy Tennant)

  • CNC plasma is making progress - electronics are in a shiny new box.
  • Now has practice cubes under the project board for people to try turning into dice.
  • John Miranda is working a bit of overtime until the new year, but should be able to start teaching welding on a more regular basis in January.  Rustin has been trying to catch up on some of the other classes, like powder coating.

Security - (David, no assistant yet)

Visual Arts - Kim N. (Still on hiatus; plans to return Jan.)

  • Darkroom plans are being developed with help from Nadine Redd, a professional photographer. Nadine is also searching for free film cameras so a black/white photography/development class could be taught.

Woodshop - Aaron R/Jesse S. (Asst Lead, John Nicholas)

  • We are planning on improving dust collection and making air filtration units soon. The large lathe was just repaired. Ordered a switch for it as well it seems a little touchy maybe that is what damaged the other circuit board.
  • Planer handle is broken also, looking at replacements.
  • I want to make storage slots and or cubbies outside the woodshop by west lobby. Project storage is an ongoing issue in both woodshops. We could rent the cubbies (like in ceramics) if the board allows me to build them.
  • John Nicholas has agreed to continue being assistant lead focusing on the lathes.
  • Aaron/Jesse couldn't make it tonight had previous engagement.
  • 4 lathe authorization classes, only doing 1/month as they haven’t been filling up.
  • Christmas Ornament classes are happening.  First one didn’t finish because of trouble with the lathe, but the others did.  Have several more scheduled.  Did little snow men last year, this year doing Christmas trees.  Seeing interest from folks who they don’t think typically show up for wood turning which is good.  One of the classes is a family that came last year who wanted to come back again.
  • Will be engraving ‘Make ICT’ on some of the small lathe pieces to help differentiate what is ours and what may belong to the Wood Turners Guild or members.
  • Have a little money left with the grant funds.  Plan to buy a few more small tools.  Will submit report then be ready to apply again for another round of funds.
  • Several other classes on the schedule / coming up as well.
  • Having some issues with tool sharpening / mis-sharpening.  Considering an authorization class to help teach that and reduce damage to the sharpening equipment.

Textiles - Malissa L

  • We’re training 3-5 people per month to use the long arm.
  • I got 2 gallon zipper bags to sort the fabric in the scrap barrel and hope to get donations for them.

Gallery - Dean Day

  • Please refer to note on the forum for info about plan / policy / philosophy.  Dean will revise.  Want to have the gallery represent MakeICT in it’s best possible light to the Wichita community.
  • Have lighting, but need electrical work to set that lighting up for the gallery and other places in the hallway.
  • Will work on budget.
  • Area is looking clean.
  • Anyone want to do a show in January?  Could be anything, just needs to be gallery ready and something you’re proud of.  Get in touch with Dean.

Printmaking - Doug Wilson

  • New (to us) press is installed and working wonders.
  • Print Jam THIS Wednesday night.  Ugly Christmas sweaters!  Bring your own sweatshirt, hoody, or t-shirt.  Free for members.
  • Project request:  The air conditioner is awesome, but it needs a bit better insulation.  I’m not sure how to do that and keep it from looking sloppy.  Maybe someone has a little more expertise in that field?
  • Looking for an affordable heat press (to cure inks after printing shirts).  Our current one is good for heating up a tortilla, but that’s about all I’d trust it to do.

Lounge / Breakroom - David M

Committee Updates

Anti-Discrimination and Harrassment Committee - Sherry I (Asst Jessica)

  • First amendment, to be proposed at this month’s board meeting:
  • “We will respect confidentiality requests for the purpose of protecting victims of abuse. Investigations will be kept as confidential as possible. At our discretion, the results of substantiated investigations may be made public if we believe that doing so will increase the safety of MakeICT members or the general public. We will not name harassment victims without their affirmative consent. Nothing in this section precludes contacting the police or other legal authorities when indicated.
  • Next meeting to continue discussion December 20 at 7PM in Classroom 1.

Classroom Management Committee - LaDeana D (Rustin)

and Events Committee

and Special Projects (and Makerfaire)

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - Sherry I & Malissa L

  • Need leads to help update their portions of the Wiki, or communicate to us what updates they would like.

Facilities Committee - Joe B.

Finance Committee - Gary Titus (Asst Dan K)

and Scholarships

  • Migrated from desktop to online version of QuickBooks.  Bit of a learning curve but it’s coming along.
  • Taxes are done and filed.

Fundraising - Ethan Doak (LaDeana?)

  • Have 4 grants in the works.

Gallery -  Dean D

Inventory - Ben Rogers (James L)

  • Waiting on some folks to get back to Ben to continue running through things, in particular equipment that is on loan to the space.
  • Ceramics done.
  • Metal Shop - have run through the cordless tools.
  • If it has a tag on it, it is likely on the old list from the old building.  Otherwise, everything $50 and over needs to be inventoried.

Membership (and Community Outreach) - empty position

Multimedia - James L (Mike A)

  • 10 year video wasn’t completed because everyone working on it had life events, will be released in the near future.
  • On the Solstice Dec 21st will have a Telescope/Astrophotography Meeting (to be announced).

Outreach (and Education) - LaDeana D

  • x

Other Business Discussed

Blue Push Carts - Patrick H

  • KS Food Bank has a number of blue rolling carts to donate if interested.  Need to know soon and arrange pickup.
  • Interested in Five
    • 2 for Garage
    • 1 for Ceramics
    • 1 for Jewelry / Visual Arts
    • 1 for Textiles

Budget - Rusty

  • Have the following:
    • Metalshop - $1,450/yr
    • Woodshop - $5,508/yr
    • Jewelry - $900/yr
    • Garden - $330/yr
    • Communications - $2,000/yr
    • Outreach - $500/yr
    • IT - $7,500/yr (includes software / systems subscriptions like WA)
    • Events - $1,200/yr
    • Classroom - $480/yr, plus $4,000 for projects (replacing projectors)
    • Ceramics - $2,568/yr
    • Welcome Area - $680/yr
    • Inventory - $240/yr
    • FabLab - $1,250/yr
    • Screen Printing - $564/yr
  • Others not in yet:
    • Electronics - $450/yr
    • Gallery - $600/yr, plus $xxx for infrastructure
    • Textiles - $
    • Letterpress - $
    • Visual Arts - $
    • Facilities - $
    • Security - $

Items to Bring to the Board Meeting

  • None