Board Meeting 2021-12-16

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NOTE: NOT AN OFFICIAL BOARD MEETING BECAUSE QUORUM WAS NOT PRESENT. INFORMATION WAS PRESENTED BUT NO ACTION WAS TAKEN. (Partly in the hope that one of the other board members who was expected to be late would show up.)




Board Members

  • James Lancaster, Secretary
  • Anna DiSalvo, At-Large
  • Jai Chauhan, President
  • Rustin Atkeisson, Vice-President
  • Doug Wilson, At-Large


  • David Hanson, At-Large
  • Aaron Rivers, At-Large
  • Beverly Schellenger, Treasurer


LaDeana Dockery Steve Owens David Springs Michael Atherton Steve Saner Ethan Doak Patrick Hutchison

Standing Items

  • Thanks & Recognition
  • Malissa L., David S. and LaDeana D. for submitting committee reports prior to the meeting
  • Facilities committee for keeping up with maintenance efforts
  • Area leads for their work over the past year. -Jai
  • Paula and Michael for stepping in to get the jewelry lab back up and running
  • Everyone that remembered to close the windows they opened
  • Ethan Doak for handling the A/V of the Board meeting

Old Business

COVID Mask Policy Discussion / Update - All

      • "In Sedgwick County, Kansas, community transmission is High Transmission.

Everyone should wear a mask in public indoor settings. Mask requirements might vary from place to place. Make sure you follow local laws, rules, regulations or guidance. December 9, 2021"

Name alignment between various locations - Jai

  • Prior:
    • Has not been done with the KS SOS office yet.

@TODO (Jai and Bev, no date): Name changes.

Request for using the space - Brian

@TODO (Jai, no date): Reach back out to see about status, as can't talk to Insurance without a proposal.

Communication issues - James

  • Communication problems between board and committees and between them.

Revise Committee Policy - James


    • Require people to resubmit the access policies?
    • Designate what that class is for any authorizations.

New Business

Treasurer’s Report - Bev

Area Leads

  • Area leads need to be selected/appointed at the next meeting and budgets prepared
  • Note: As is usual, this will be handled in executive session near the end of the meeting.
  • Current people running for area leads:
    • Metalshop - Rustin Atkeisson
    • Woodshop - Doug Wilson
    • Ceramics - Patrick Hutchison
    • Textiles - Malissa Long
    • ERP - James Seymour
    • Fab Lab - Steve Saner
    • Screen Printing - ?
    • Jewelry - Michael Atherton

Still committees: Garden and Letterpress

Area Reports

Committee Reports

Awards Committee & Donor Wall - Jai

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

  • Next meeting Jan 4th at 7pm at welcome center
    • Meeting Now on calendar

Classroom Management Committee - LaDeana Dockery

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - Malissa Long

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: 4th Wednesday @ 6:30 pm)
  • Featured on Good Morning Kansas (Lathe woodturning ornaments)
  • Would like advertising budget

Events Committee - X

  • See above (Classroom Management Committee)
  • No events this month
  • BEST Robotics was done in 4 states including Kansas, MakeICT was represented at the one in Kansas
    • Thanks to Tom Cornwell

Facilities Committee - Saga Romig

  • On Calendar Tuesday 6:30
  • Started painting the entry cabinets.
    • Working on putting in rope lighting as well as a motion sensor
  • Need to run Heat tape to plumbing closet.
  • Plan on fixing the ADA stalls in the south hall

Finance Committee - Dan Kries

  • 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 (Is this correct? - schedule dependent, may change)
    • Setting up quickbooks for next year.

Forge Committee - James Seymour/Mike Atherton

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd Wednesday @ 7pm)
    • Not much, more or less done.

Fundraising - Ethan Doak

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 1st Friday @ 7pm)
  • Suggestion to potentially look at outside help from a grant writer at non-profit go

Lounge/Breakroom - David Mendoza

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

Letterpress - David Springs

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

  • Still waiting on equipment
  • Need 50 to 75ft of #10 wire

Garden - Sean Sandefur

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd & 4th Monday @ 6pm)

IT - Tom Bloom

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

  • Laptops are half done with SSD & RAM expansion
  • So far no complaints. 2 compliments

Inventory - Anna DiSalvo/Wallis Mead

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd Wednesday @ 6pm)
  • Next cleanup day may be on the 18th or 19th of December
    • Contact if you would like to help
  • Tom Bloom suggests an actual ‘building wide’ clean up day event
    • Doug suggests piggy backing that clean up day with his hazardous material authorization class possibly in January
    • Could be another avenue for new members to get authorization to MakeICT
    • Jai proposes having the cleanup day before orientation on the 8th at 11am and run until 2pm (30 minutes before orientation)
      • Event is on the calendar

Membership (and Community Outreach) - Jai

Membership as of 2021-12-16: 441 (plus 2 donors) Next meeting is 8-9pm Jan 4th

Outreach (and Education) - LaDeana Dockery

  • See Classroom above.

Scholarships - x

  • Per July decision will be handled by Finance.

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman/David Springs

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 4th Monday @ 6pm)
  • Nothing new (Good!)

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - x

  • See Events

Welcome Center - Angel

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

Other Items Discussed

Past Events

    • Night of last meeting

Upcoming Events

  • Maker Monday
    • 2nd and 4th Mondays
  • Member Orientation
  • Member meeting
  • Sunday December 19th at 5pm
  • JWST (James Web Space Telescope) Launch hopefully on the 24th.
  • James L. plans to have an Online Google Meeting hangout for MakeICT, when it's more final.
  • December 24th - D&D event
  • ECO Fest
    • Has been postponed to May 1st, 2022

Decision Summary

    Task Summary