December 1 2014

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Governance Committee (Dom)

  • Business plan (Dustin)
  • How to move forward with grant money (John)
  • Accelerator/incubator idea (John)
  • Property on Commerce Street

Communications Hive (John)

Social media stats

Count Change
Facebook <FB Total> <FB Change>
Twitter <Twitter Total> <Twitter Change)
Google+ <G+ Total> <G+ Change)
Meetup <Meetup Total> <Meetup Change)


  • Downtime over the weekend

Finances and Fundraising Task Force (Jens)


Account Balance Change
Bank $112,390.84 + 99,175.93
Paypal $2,044.29 + 373.84
Total $114,435.13 + 99,549.77
Member count 34 + 2


  • No topics

Remote Events and Outreach Gaggle (Barb)

  • Need to start calendar for next year

Special Projects Brigade (looking for a leader)

  • Project triage (Barb)
    • Review what we're doing, decide what's important, make choices
  • Bus
  • Little Free Libraries


Makerspace (Tom)

Upcoming Events

  • Robot Sumo (Dec 12-13)
  • Chibitronics Sticky Circuits Dec

Other topics

  • Screen printing
  • Safety Sultan
    • Need to post general use guidelines by equipment

devICT (Seth)

Upcoming Events

  • None reported

Other topics

  • No topics

Miscellaneous and community topics

  • Attracting members, being active (John)
    • Directed hack day
    • Arduino Tuesdays?
  • How to make the 'space more work-friendly (John)
    • Force board members to bring projects in
  • Member-owned tools (John)

Ended @ 1905


Notes (minutes?):

Dustin biz plan update

- would like help getting market data from WSU CEBR(?)
- we need to review goals and objectives after Dustin's latest edit
- will continue to send sections out for review with deadlines; review goals and objectives by Friday evening **ALL**
- hope is that biz plan will help establish goals and be available when seeking funding

Grant money plan

- need to designate wood shop point person **TOM**

Incubator space

- Talk around town of creating a space
- We will participate in the discussion **JOHN**


- set soft deadline of Jan 15 to make a decision


- grant deposited


- need to confirm that new members are getting a welcome letter via WildApricot **MIKE**

Special Projects

- need to make sure we have buy-in from people to run projects before agreeing (eg instructables) **BARB**


- got insurance!!
- title being signed over to us soon

Little free libraries

- doors almost complete
- will deliver to TOPS before year end; install in spring? **BARB**

Robot Sumo

- invite people to Facebook event!
- set ticket cap **GINA**

Screen Printing

- getting info on equipment to buy  **KIP**

General use guidelines

- need call to arms to recruit people to write these for equipment **DOM**


- received non-profit access to SLACK

Loaned equipment

- are we going to accept it?
- insurance? **JENS**
- how do other do it?  **JOHN**

3D printer

- next workshop plan **DOM AND JAMES L**