Electronic Door Entry

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Project Team

Testing/Demo Video


To Do list for Kenton Hansen's Labor Party Door

  • What Kenton wants..
    • RFID unlock
    • Hold RFID key to unlock
    • Hold unlock if RDID key used during scheduled time/day
    • I'd like to get access to the web repo ASAP, so I can make it mobile friendly

To Do list from July 16 2014 meeting

  • Order some silicone potting compound to seal the card reader.
  • Order some more cards and tags
  • Order another card reader in case this one gets smashed.
  • Mount the card reader outside.
  • Assemble and mount the controller inside.
  • Wire the controller to the reader.
  • Wire the power and Ethernet to the controller.
  • Do some software magic stuff
    • also add read door open/closed status

Hardware Specs

  • Basics:
    • Electric door strike (12V, 250 mA), will be wired fail secure, i.e. applying electric current to the strike will cause it to unlock
    • RFID/NFC card reader (MiFare cards)
    • Card reader can communicate via I2C/Uart/SPI
    • Two status LED's
    • Interposing circuit for door strike/RPI
  • Outdoor enclosure to hold card reader:
    • (Tom McGuire fill in here)
    • Will hold card reader
    • Power LED - red LED that will be on continuously if there is power
    • Status LED - green LED that will blink one sequence with succesful card read and a different sequence if failed
  • RaspberryPi:
    • GPIO list:
      • Status LED's
      • Door latch interposing circuit
      • Door latch buzzer (let the user know the solenoid has been energized)
      • Door reed switch (door status)

Software Specs

  • Operating System: Raspbian
  • Frontend: Apache/PHP (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Backend: MySQL/PHP
  • Latch API: Python
  • Version control: GIT/Bitbucket

Software Roadmap

  • Version 0.5 - ETA 2014-02-20
    • Software controlled door latch
    • Account Database
    • Logging
  • Version 1.0 - ETA 2014-02-25
    • Command line management interface
      • ID Enrollment
      • ID Withdraw
      • Log viewer
  • Version 2.0 - ETA TBD
    • Web Interface
      • ID Enrollment
      • ID Withdraw
      • Access log viewer
  • Version 2.5 - ETA TBD
    • WildApricot Integration
      • Automated re-activation
      • Automated withdraw