February 10 2014

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Meeting Time: 5:30pm Location: Bluebird Arthouse

All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.


  • Treasurer Report Bank $381.65 Paypal $732.81
  • Membership Management Software Discussion (WildApricot)
    • Jens will change web page
    • Jens and Tom will enter History
    • Jens needs to confirm users have access so Dom can see API stuff
  • 2013 annual report (add to To-Do - Tom?)
    • James will work on it
    • Use 990EZ; not necessary to submit this year, but will in the future
  • 501c3 update
    • Should hear if we are approved within 90 days; if not, we will be assigned a case manager

Policies and Procedures

  • Inventory Control
    • Dom created a form and management spreadsheet
  • Reimbursement Requests
    • Dom created a form and management spreadsheet
  • Administration task list
    • Dom created a form and management spreadsheet
  • Shared file storage

Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects

  • Door access update
    • hardware is here and functioning
    • Tom will make an external housing
    • James and Rye will design a PCB
    • Dom will work on software

Check on progress of Member Projects

None to report

New equipment/donations

None to report


  • Toner Transfer Workshop (February 15, 1 pm)
    • James and Tom working on PCB design
    • Dom has created a workshop intro document that should be referenced and used before each workshop
  • SWE Expo (February 22)
    • James has a list of things to take and will man the booth
  • Riverfest (May 30-June 6)
    • No meeting yet because of rescheduling

Any topics from members who are present

None to report