February 22 2016

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Governance Committee (Dom)

Area Status
  1. BD initial draft
  2. Board of directors review
  3. BD revisions
  4. Request for comment
  5. Board votes to approve
Studio Arts
  1. BD initial draft
  2. Board of directors review
  3. BD revisions
  4. Request for comment
  5. Board votes to approve

  • Guests should not be using equipment that requires certification unless they themselves are certified.
  • Certification classes for non-members need to require a signed waiver.
  • @TODO (Dominic, no date): Send out a call for an official vote on a collaboration agreement with WWCW after final changes to the agreement have been made.
  • Motion to amend the guest policy.
    • Current phrasing:
      • Guests are not allowed to use tools and equipment without qualified member supervision.
        • Qualified member must have taken training on equipment being used.
    • Proposed phrasing:
      • Guests must be certified and have a signed waiver on file before using any equipment in the makerspace.
  • @DECISION: The proposed amendment to the guest policy passes.

Communications Hive (Jens)

Social media stats (change since Dec 28)
Count Change
Facebook 1,840 +141
Twitter 1,036 +65
Meetup 501 +66
  • New logo ideas to review
  • Website update
  • ETF meeting at MakeICT makerspace, 8 am either May 10 or May 24?
  • INCOSE Tour

  • ETF wants to have a meeting at the makerspace. Jens suggested May 10 or May 24.
    • @TODO (Jens, no date): Find out which date is preferred by ETF.

Finances and Fundraising Task Force (Dustin)

Active Change
Member count 190 18
  • Treasurers report
  • Taxes decision
  • Budget decision.
    • $500 to each area for program maintenance on prepaid card. ($2500 total)
    • Equipment purchases still require approval by board
    • Reimbursements will still follow the current policy
    • revise policy for items less than $250
    • Simple email request to BD or treasurer (i.e. those who have purchase authority)

  • Received reimbursement for HVAC
  • @DECISION: Dustin will let our current accountants know that their services are no longer required as soon as Krystal is ready to file our taxes. We will pay Krystal the amount that we would have paid the current accountants.
  • BDs will be required to keep receipts for all purchases made with the $500 card.
  • Cards are meant to be used for general upkeep of areas.
  • $500 is only to establish the procedure. Amount can be adjusted accordingly in the future.
  • @DECISION: The $500 dollar card plan passes.

Remote Events and Outreach Gaggle (Barb)

  • Report on SWE Expo
  • Youth Horizons Event
  • Maker Faire

  • @TODO (Tom, no date): Pick up Mindstorms courses from the Heskett Center.

Special Projects Brigade (Kip)

  • Security camera update
  • NFC Project update
  • Network update
  • Bus update

On-boarding (Logan)

  • TBD

Green Team (Cat)

  • TBD

Gameification team

  • First meeting scheduled for March 19th at 2pm


Makerspace (Tom)

  • ShopBot needs $520 (seeking board approval)

  • @DECISION: The $520 for the ShopBot is approved.

devICT (Seth)

  • Steady as she goes.

Open Wichita (Seth)

  • Hackathon ICT going in full swing (hackathonict.com)
  • Involvement with What Works Cities program
  • Involvement with midwest cities coalition for Open Data
  • Twice a month hack nights now (2nd Thursday and last Wednesday)

Community Updates

  • Avenue Art Days

General topics and todos

  • TBD


  • February 25: devICT Presents: Mobile Lightning Talks
  • February 27: Laser Cutter Certification
  • February 29: Level Up (devICT & WWC)
  • March 1: Avenue Art Days Launch Party
  • March 14: Level Up (devICT & WWC)
  • March 8: devICT Hangout
  • March 10: Open Wichita Hack Night
  • March 19: Gamification team meeting
  • March 24: INCOSE Tour @ 7 pm
  • March 28: Level Up (devICT & WWC)
  • March 30: Open Wichita Hack Night
  • March 31: devICT Presents: Intro to Compilers
  • April 1: Dev Lunch
  • April 29th-30: Avenue Art Days

Decision Summary

    Task Summary