February 8th 2023

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Maker Market Meeting

February 7th, 2023, 6:30 PM

Attendance: Rustin, Gemma, Jeremy, Malissa, and James L.

  1. Introductions and additions to Agenda
  2. Review what board approved

a. Contract- contract will have to be approved by the board for every event

b. Permit $225

3. Event Task

a. Should be done by Friday

b. Will add names next to each task

c. Vendor call going live tonight

1.Can be immediately accessed and signed up for by members

2. Will have to wait until next Wednesday (2/15) for non-members to sign up

4. Thoughts Ideas

a. Need to verify if we need to add to the permit fee to cover parking in the grass

1. Parking on grass was brought up when we did the summer market by city need permintv for 5 or more events a year

2. May not be an issue with how few times we have held maker markets

3. Use Art Mixr to see how people would park without a parking attendant/usher

a. Expecting 50 to 70 people

b. Should be more people than our current parking lot capacity

b. Will be putting out a digital volunteer tracker form with specific tasks

c. Need to add taxation dates (when we need to report income from event)

d. Need to add permitting timeline

1. Need to apply by Feb 25th (in 2 weeks)

2. May need Gary to go with Malissa for application

e. Make and Take Projects

1. Might move them out of individual areas and into the hallways

2.Would not be able to have ‘make and takes’ outside without being charged a booth fee

f. Gemma also has access to Canva to help as necessary with advertising

g. Need to be clear that vendors must bring handmade items (no commercial products)

5. Announcements

The next meeting will be on March 1st at 6 pm

6. Adjourn

Other information not recorded above: Add parking attendant to Volunteer call, flyers in hall with QR code and Sign-up sheet next to it, maker activities in building with vendors to draw people in, announcement at Neighborhood meeting on second Thursday March 9th.