February 9 2015

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Unsorted topics

  • None

Communications Hive (John)

  • Subdomain pointer to WildApricot? (dom)
    • John had started
    • @TODO (John and Dom, no date): Move WildApricot to a MakeICT subdomain
  • Migrate to Google Apps? (dom)
    • @DECISION: move all cloud storage to Google Apps for Non-profit account
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): consolidate and move cloud content

Finances and Fundraising Task Force (Jens)

Account Balance Change
Bank $122,824.58 -$1,153.43
Paypal $3,958.21 +$680.22
Total $126,782.79 -$473.21
Member count 50 +5
  • Fundraising report (April)
  • ArtDOG
    • April leading
  • Budgets: $250 spent on pottery wheel; $1600 spent on woodworking tools
  • Taxes
    • tax receipts sent out
    • @TODO (Jens, no date): file taxes
    • @TODO (Jens, no date): file nonprofit paperwork

Governance Committee (Dom)

  • Business cards delivered
  • Event RSVP's
    • RSVP, suggested donations
    • Discussion on attendance
    • @DECISION: We will ask for full names on event registrations (instead of just guest counts)
  • Commissioned projects
    • Tom, Dom and Christian - RFID for Labor Party
    • @DECISION: MakeICT will not officially accept commissioned projects, but will instead direct people to individual members
  • Wichita Mini Maker Faire
    • Exploration Place, Jan Luth, July timeframe
    • John will talk to Jan Luth
    • @TODO (Everybody, no date): send potential Maker Faire organizer contacts to John
  • Leasing new space
    • Laura Street has been leased to another party :(
    • Big Dog space, Union Station, Contract with Evan
    • @TODO (John, no date): Restart conversation with USD259 regarding potential properties to lease
    • @TODO (John, no date): communicate our current lease status with Gary from ETF

Remote Events and Outreach Gaggle (Barb)

  • Wichita Council of Engineering Societies (Feb 19)
  • SWE Expo (Feb 21)
  • @TODO (Gina, no date): Gina will followup with volunteers for WCES and SWE
  • (dom) KC Maker Faire
    • Power Car Race?
    • @TODO (Gina, no date): post on the forums about KC Maker Faire, telling them to us know that they are signing up and asking them to request a position with other MakeICT members/projects
  • River Fest
    • First week of June

Special Projects Brigade (Mike)

  • Christmas Holiday Displays
  • TBD


  • Gearing up for Learn to Solder Workshop March 14. Could use some software help.
    • Tom will list on Forum
  • Crochet workshop March 28 is in the works
  • Working on Build Your Own CNC Machine Kits and workshop
  • Working on (future) Foam Cutting Machine Kit and workshop

Makerspace (Tom)

  • (Dom) Group for the arts
  • (Tom) Some WSU students are selling parts on ebay. Could be a resource for stocking our retail store.
    • It's called “jimmysamericanwholesale”. They also want to develop educational kits and projects.
  • (Tom) I think there is some concern about the wood workers crowding into the new building. I'd like to alleviate this tension on both sides.
  • (Tom) After a meeting I had with Jeremy Hill at WSU I have lots of demograph data to look over. He's asking me what more he can do for us.

devICT (Seth)

  • (John) - Getting together to plan the SWE project



  • 10 February 2015 Nerd Beers
  • 19 February 2015 Wichita Council of Engineering Societies
  • 21 February 2015 SWE Expo
  • 26 February 2015 Pure Data by John Harrison

Meeting Ended

7:01 P

Decision Summary

    Task Summary