Forge Committee May 15, 2021

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From Original Forum Post (Link to Post)

The Forge Committee had their initial ‘getting our poop in a group’ meeting.

In attendance:

*James Seymour

*Mike Atherton

*Shaun Sigley

James Began the meeting reiterating the fact that it is unlikely we will have financial support from the board in the foreseeable future.

The committee is declaring itself with the following members:

*James Seymour - Chairman

*Michael Atherton -Vice Chairman

*Shaun Sigley

*Brett Headford

*David Hanson

*Ian Cazabat

*Rustin Atkeisson

*John Withers

The committee is has come together to hammer out a path forward for bringing a forge program to MakeICT. Ensuring it’s safe use among the membership is our primary focus.

This will include classes, authorizations, preventative maintenance, and requirements for use. We will do this by using a simple coal forge to teach classes with, and use the money we make to build a nicer gas forge.

Mike is going to look into getting a simple coal forge up and running.

James is going to help with the forced air system.

Shaun is going to touch base with Rustin about doing some basic classes in making coal and making a knife from a railroad spike, or file.

James is going to touch base with the woodshop about their scrap generation (to use for coal making) schmooze the board, and… well… this post.