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Meeting notes 2016-March-19

People in attendance

  • Dominic Canare
  • Cat Barba-Abay
  • Kip Landwehr

General information

  • Points will be awarded to members for helping/contributing
  • Lifetime points and monthly points will be tracked and displayed on a high score-board in the makerspace and online
  • Points will be rewarded according the these contributions:
Contribution Points
Member referral 15
Cleaning the bathroom up to 50
Outside cleanup up to 50
Vacuuming up to 50
Area cleanup up to 50
Maker Monday help 45
New member tour 45
Updating the wiki up to 10
Outreach event volunteer 80+
Teaching a class 100
Taking out at least three trash bags 5
Bringing a 1st time visitor to the makerspace 5
Bringing a returning visitor to the makerspace 2
Vacuuming/cleaning an area 5
Peer-certifying somebody 50
Donating $ 1 point per dollar
Forum post documenting a project 30
Peer points (see below)

Peer points can be awarded form any member to another member for things like helping each other out. General members can award up to 5 points per instance, while directors, BD's, deputy BD's, and team leaders can award greater amounts for members who make more significant contributions to the makerspace (like building a cart, demolishing a wall, donating a Tormach, etc).


Multipliers give members the ability to gain extra points

Leadership 1.15x (applied at the end of the month)
Birthday multiplier 1.5x (applied at the end of the day)


Achievements recognize significant events and contributions. They will be rewarded with bonus points and special insignia (like a virtual badge) on the member directory

Name Bonus Description
Acquire a key
(x, y, z, etc) days badged-in (powers of 2)
Clean the bathroom (x, y, z, etc) times
(x, y, z, etc) consecutive months as a member
(x, y, z, etc) times volunteering at an outreach event
(x, y, z, etc) times teaching a workshop/event
Become a BD
Become a board member
Become a team member
Attend (x, y, z, etc) workshops
Give out (x, y, z, etc) points
Metalshop certification
Woodshop certification
Fab lab certification
Electronics certification
Ceramics certification
Textiles certification
Print making certification


Earning different levels of points and some specific achievements will allow one to move up in rank. Rank ideas include the following:

  • Races from Lord of the Rings
  • Star Wars (Jedi vs Sith?)
  • Chess pieces

Next steps

  • Build tracking system
  • Where do we want the high score board?
  • How much do we need for the high score board?
  • Goal date?