Garden Committee Meeting 2021-02-28

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Seed Exchange Possible maker plants in addition to edibles

Dean day can till entire area with tractor and 4’ tiller.

Right now, because of the uncertainty surrounding the fire road and ease of moving/reorganizing the garden should the need arise, we should probably claim the entire area desired. Suggested to claim the whole proposed area as our own and use as much as we can in practice.

Mike is putting together links of other local community gardens, and their websites.

M Jenny will be able to donate a LOT (hundreds of cubic feet) raw cow manure.

Probably looking at mostly in ground planting with limited raised beds to accommodate children and people with mobility issues.

Liability insurance should be a consideration.

Mike called zoning office, asking about restrictions and there is no prohibition!

Other possible resources that we can ask for from merchants and members, coffee grounds and egg shells, compost.

Suggested proposal: we want “x” area, will sustain ourselves w/o general funds. Considering making available to neighborhood.

I’ll put together a proposal, Ask Malissa to set up the next google meeting for the same time next week, but I will be coming to meet in person for those who are like minded. Get Malissa and Sean to compile a list of the resources they are aware of.