Graphtec FC2200-90/EX

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This is a flatbed vinyl cutter and plotter. It works.

Graphtec fc2200.gif


Create the file

  • Create/import a file in Inkscape
  • Select all
  • Path > Object To Path
  • Check that lines are what you expect by turning of all fills and turning on all strokes. The lines that you see are the ones that will be cut.
  • File > Save A Copy> choose .hpgl extension
    • Make sure that "Tool offset correction" is set to 0 or your cut will be very bad.

Test and adjust settings

Tool setup

  • Secure media (vinyl) to the table with masking tape
  • Insert the tool you plan to use in one of the tool holder and tighten
  • If you are using a cutting tool the blade should not be sticking out farther than the thickness that you want to cut
  • Sample settings can be found below


  • Press 'Test' button
  • Position cutter in an unused area
  • Press '1' for Test 1
  • The machine will cut a triangle inside a square
    • The square should peel away cleanly without peeling the triangle
    • When the triangle is removed there should only be a very faint outline on the backing

Set Area

  • Press 'Area' button
  • The screen will prompt you to position the tool in the lower left (LL)
  • When tool is set, press enter
  • The screen prompt will change to upper right (UR)
  • When tool is set, press enter
  • Option: you can choose default for both these settings if your material is at the bottom left of the table


  • Press the 'Condition' button to change settings
  • Use the '1' and '2' buttons to move the cursor
  • Use the '3' and '4' buttons to adjust the selected setting
  • If you are having cut issues, cranking the blade all the way out is NOT the solution
  • Consult the manuals under the machine for troubleshooting tips

Run the file

  • Go to
  • Click the blue button to open the file menu
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the upload button
  • Select file in system menu
  • To set active file, click filename in list
  • Click green button to run file


Small Blade (Blue Knob)

Cutter Offset: 17

Starting point for vinyl:

  • Stickout: 0.2mm
  • Force:18
  • Speed:10
  • Quality:1

Large Blade (Red Knob)

Cutter Offset: 28


Cutter Offset: 0

  • Force:5
  • Speed:15
  • Quality:1


  • After saving the HPGL file open it up in Inkscape to verify the output looks right. If there are issues, go back to the source file and save it as a PDF. Open the PDF in Inkscape and then save as HPGL. This has fixed all of the conversion issues we have run into so far.
  • If you get an error in inkscape when saving the HPGL that says the file cannot be saved, just copy everything into a new file and save it there. For some reason this works.

Test Files