January 12 2015 New location/equipment discussion

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Time: 7:30 pm

Place: 914 W Douglas

This is a special meeting to allow a discussion between interested members and the MakeICT board about the immediate plans for the recently received grant money.


  • Location options
  • Equipment purchases
  • Membership rates
  • Other topics as needed

Handout: http://bit.ly/1IBi7zT


The overall group lean was Laura because we can sit it up now, will not lose any investments (electrical, walls, etc) and never have to move again.

Honestly, I (Mike) think if we have to pay anything to go into Union Station and have to move in a year, it is not a good fit.

  • Gary wants us to be close, it benefits him, and the US space will be empty if we don't move in.
  • If he finds another building for us, we don't have any idea how much it will cost and we have to move lots more equipment to the next location. From what he is now pricing, it may be more than we know.
  • We have no idea what the condition on the next building is or if we will have the funds to do another move at that time.
  • We are the ones with the skin in the game.

Union Station

  • Most people like the location
  • No windows
  • Have to move at some time, money spent will be lost
  • We will have to move all the equipment, where setting up a space takes time, which will also be lost
  • AC, sprinklers, appears to be ADA compliant
  • 3 phase power

Laura Street

  • No immediate limit to lease duration
  • Money spent will not be lost
  • Good natural light, lots of windows
  • Very little modification of walls
  • Shop area would be a good fit for wood working area
  • Nice looking building, great patio area
  • Would have to add AC in loft
  • AC, sprinklers?, appears to be ADA compliant
  • 3 phase power
  • and a theme...never have to move

The group looked at the buildings logically, what were the pluses, minuses. They did not like that we would have to move, were paying a lot of money, would lose the investments if we went to Union Station.