January 22 2016 Strategic Planning Meeting

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  • This is a safe place
    Our strength is in our diversity of backgrounds and ideas. That means that some of you will not agree. Your attendance in this meeting means that you can be constructive, be civil, and leave tonight without any hard feelings. This will allow everyone to speak openly.
  • Fight for your opinion, but defend your team
    We need people to disagree on things! This organization and the culture we're fostering is dead the moment we succumb to groupthink. So yes, please, bring your ideas to the table, share them freely, and defend them until the end...

    But when the end comes, you have to let it go and embrace the team decision. When we finalize something, it's a decision that WE are making - that includes you, even if you fought against it. When the team decides on something, you decided on it too.

    People look to us for a demonstration of teamwork and collaboration. Having people say things like "I think it's a bad idea, but they won't listen to me" undermines everything we're working toward. If you really feel that way, talk to us or me directly. It's one thing if you're not speaking up, but it's an entirely different problem if you feel like you can't. We can only fix problems if we know they exist though, so please communicate.
  • Propose solutions, not just problems
    You should feel free to communicate openly here, but please keep in mind that the best way to present a problem is to pair it with a solution.
  • Set high-quality goals
    These would be goals which are specific, measurable, and time-bound.
  • Respect our volunteers
    Remember that each of us who contributes time/energy to MakeICT does so as a volunteer. Certainly, there are some things which could be done better, but remember that if not for our volunteers taking the initiative, they wouldn't be done at all.


Grievances and concerns

  • Upkeep
    • How do we control clutter? Especially the front area and especially before MakeICT Mondays or public events. A “set-up” crew? Someone to turn on the heat and make sure things are ready. Sunday night is trash night, so some preparations on Sunday evenings would be ideal. Maybe encourage young people to help out in exchange for a membership scholarship.
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Recruit for clean-up crew
    • Is this a perception/ownership issue? Some people might not want to pick up without knowing if a project is in place or someone left items in a way for a purpose.
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Audit orientation to find members who have not been oriented
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Suggest that BD's hang pictures of clean and organized areas to suggest how workspace should appear when someone is done.
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Review parking fine policy
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Appoint deputy BD's
  • Lease extension or option to buy
    • @TODO (Dom,Logan,Dustin,Curt, no date): Start group to review HQ options



  • Activities in schools
  • Summer camps


  • New website
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Set website launch date
  • Rebranding
    • @TODO (unassigned, March 21): Launch new logo/branding
    • @TODO (Jens, Before annual meeting): Have marketing team and process in place


  • Attracting new members
    • @TODO (unassigned, 2016-December-16): achieve > 230 active members
    • @TODO (unassigned, Summer): achieve 1 corporate membership
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): advertise corporate memberships on new website
  • Member retainment
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Create exit survey for cancelled memberships, automate it
    • @TODO (Logan,Cat,Sam M, Dom, Paul, no date): Start onboarding committee
    • @TODO (Onboarding committee, no date): Set goal for minimizing attrition rate
  • Transitioning members out of grandfathered status
    • @TODO (Board, no date): At transition time, consider changing $10 dues to $10 donation and drop makerspace access
  • Improve communication to members
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Find better "members-only" communication platform
    • @TODO (Dom, no date): Recruit for tech-team
    • @TODO (Mike B, no date): Start wikibrarianship
    • @TODO (unassigned, Once quarterly): Run an "intro to relevant" tech workshop for members unfamiliar with what we use
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Set up an "Info booth" (and membership sign-up kiosk) at the front of the building
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Launch member directory - even if it's crappy
  • How to create sense of ownership
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Game-ify the makerspace
  • @TODO (unassigned, Every quarter): Run 1 social event
  • @TODO (unassigned, Every year): Run 2 special events/competitions


  • @TODO (unassigned, March 1): Find designer for donor recognition wall
  • What can each specific area do?
    • Discussion about whether certification workshops should be charging a fee
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Find alternative revenue stream for areas that is not a double-charge
  • Retail/consignment goals?


  • @TODO (unassigned, May 1): Change carpet and paint interior/exterior of building front
  • @TODO (unassigned, Feb 14): Create strategy for classroom remodel (with figures)
  • @TODO (unassigned, February): Run four Fusion360 study halls
  • @TODO (unassigned, March 5): Start Tormach classes
  • @TODO (unassigned, May 1): Make ceramics 75% operational
  • @TODO (unassigned, May 1): Make textiles 75% operational
  • @TODO (unassigned, May 1): Make printmaking 75% operational
  • @TODO (unassigned, March 5): Launch bicycle maintenance area
  • @TODO (unassigned, March 21): Launch NFC project


  • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Make sure no board positions run unopposed in 2016

Decision Summary

    Task Summary