January 25 2016

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Governance Committee (Dom)

Area Status
  1. BD initial draft
  2. Board of directors review
  3. BD revisions
  4. Request for comment
  5. Board votes to approve
Studio Arts
  1. BD initial draft
  2. Board of directors review
  3. BD revisions
  4. Request for comment
  5. Board votes to approve
  • Deputy BD's
  • New key signature policy proposal
    • More/different signatures
    • Expectations of signers
      • Include name with signature
      • Last signer asks "who owns the makerspace?"
  • New education plan
    • Don't charge members for certification
    • Allow non-members to certify (for a $20 fee)
    • Make distinction between free/low-cost workshops and high-quality/deep-content classes
      • Workshops are free for members (except materials); instructors are volunteers
      • Class fees are set by instructor. Class fee revenue split 75% (instructor) / 25% (MakeICT)
  • Fiscal sponsorship for ICT Food Circle project
    • 10% of contributions go to MakeICT
    • MakeICT will
      • Funnel contributions
      • Provide financial administrative services
    • Effective Feb 1 - Dec 1, 2017
    • Contract can be broken at any time by either party
  • CCTV policy (as proposed by Logan P (6:40pm)
  • Guest: Mark Arganbright about creating a show with/at MakeICT (6:50pm)

  • @DECISION: BDs will appoint a 2nd in command (Deputy BD) for their area.
  • @DECISION: The proposal for the new key signature policy passes.
    • New policy require 2 Board Member signatures, 2 BD signatures, and 2 keyed member signatures.
  • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Seek legal council on nonmember access to wood shop/metal shop/etc.
  • @TODO (Dominic, no date): Email security camera policy to board members for review.
  • @DECISION: Mark Arganbright's proposal will be sent to membership for approval.
    • @TODO (Kip, no date): Send poll out to members.

Communications Hive (Jens)

Social media stats
Count Change
  • TBD

Finances and Fundraising Task Force (Dustin)

Active Change
Member count
  • When we transition members to the new rate, can we keep people at the $10 rate, call it a "donation" and revoke their access?
    • @DECISION: We will change all members on the grandfathered rate to a 'donor' status and revoke their key access on May 1.
    • As discussed here, we will send an email on April 1 to let these members know that this will be happening.

Remote Events and Outreach Gaggle (Barb)

  • Outreach Gaggle Meeting, January 23, 2016
  • SEHS STEM Night, January 27, 2016
  • SWE EXPO, February 20, 2016; need volunteers; will demo activities at Mon Feb 8 Maker Meeting

Special Projects Brigade (Kip)

  • Security camera update
  • NFC Project update
    • Deadline of March 21.
  • Network update
  • Bus update


Makerspace (Tom)

  • Jewelry making in ERP?
  • Status of consumable purchases?
  • Motion to make the shelf by the back door hackables
  • Any good ideas to finish developing work areas?

  • David Springs offered to put his jewelry making tools in the ERP lab as a shared resource.
  • Metal shop is okay with the shelf being used for hackables as an interim solution.

devICT (Seth)

  • "devICT Present" resumes this week
  • Level Up continuing to grow
  • Hearing more requests to do educational outreach

Open Wichita (Seth)

  • Open Data Day - March 5 (opendataday.org)
  • Riverfest Hackathon gearing up
  • Open Data Policy drafting

Community Updates

  • Dom speaking at Nonprofit Chamber of Service conference on Tuesday

General topics and todos

  • TBD


  • Proposal: Certification Saturday (following 1st Maker Monday of the month)
  • Need to schedule a "MakeICT tech resources" workshop for this quarter
  • Need to schedule Fusion360 group learning sessions
  • January 28 - devICT Presents: PostgrREST
  • January 29 - Wichitalks (wichitalks.com)
  • February 1 - Level Up

Decision Summary

    Task Summary