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General Information

The jewelry lab is located in the Cold Metal shop at MakeICT.  Metal shop authorization is highly recommended before using the Jewelry Lab, but not required.  In this lab you can work many precious and non-ferrous metals including solder metal, melting glass, lampworking glass for beads, and cast jewelry.  We have most of the hand tools and a good selection of equipment to work with, members provide their own materials for projects.  Authorization for the cabbing machine, diamond saws, and centrifugal caster must be acquired before use.


Area Leads

Area Leads can be contacted at

  • Ted McMullen is the Jewelry Lab lead with 5 years experience with jewelry making, primarily precious metals.
  • Dean Day is a Jewelry Lab Sub Lead with many years experience in various metalworking.

Jewelry Lab Safety

  1. You are welcome to use any of the tools or equipment in the Jewelry Lab, with the exception of the Cabbing Machine, Diamond Saws, and Centrifugal Caster without prior authorization.
  2. If there's something you don't know how to do safely or without damaging the equipment, please ask before using. You can always ask questions on the forum ask for help.
  3. Do not use any machine that is not in good working order. Stop, unplug and leave a note on the machine and notify Jewelry Lab.
  4. Never assume a tool is properly adjusted; always check the tool prior to use. If you are unsure or are unfamiliar with the tool, treat the tool as if it is out of adjustment.
  5. Never modify or hack any equipment.
  6. If something is wrong or a piece of equipment is malfunctioning, leave a note in an obvious place on the troubled equipment and e-mail



  • Rio Grande - Selection of metals, gemstones, tools, equipment, consumables/abrasives, and other supplies. Good primary resource for projects. Free Shipping for orders over $200 and under 10lbs so groups of makers can take advantage to pool purchases.
  • Fire Mountain Gems - Good selection of beads, cabochons, and unique faceted gems not carried by Rio Grande.
  • Amazon - Use as a LAST RESORT. Metals are overpriced and questionable. Gems are junk. Good for cheap abrasives for rotary tools.

Books For Self Instruction

  • Jewelry Making for Schools, Tradesmen, and Craftsmen by Murray Bovin - Covers basics of jewelry crafting and techniques. Published back in 1979 it is a bit dated but a good reference guide or to leaf through to get inspiration for designs.

Group Ordering

At least once a month, if there is enough interest to do so, the area lead for Jewelry lab will post an order to metal/stone dealers for membership to try to take advantage of large order discounts for materials and shipping. If you wish to participate in one of these orders you must:

  1. Submit your request to before the designated time on the calendar and/or forum post, or in person during the event on the calendar.
    • Limitations Apply: Equipment Purchases over $100 ; Gold, Platinum, & Palladium will not be ordered before payment made. Gemstones over $50 a piece will not be ordered before payment made.
  2. Payment: Payment for requested materials can be made in person on Order Day or upon Pickup, within above limitations. Currently Cash is the only payment methods.
  3. Receipt of Material: A notice will be made in the forum when the order arrives. Items can be picked up on the next Saturday after the notice ( a Event post will attempted to be made) or on any Maker Monday after delivery.
    • Items not paid for after thirty (30) days after delivery notice being made revert to ownership of the person(s) that made/paid for the group order. Repeatedly not paying for group order items will result in no longer being able to place orders.
    • Items pre-paid for will be held for 1 year. If no attempt is made to pick up the item in that time it will be considered a kind donation to the Jewelry Lab. Thank You!

Equipment List

Full Machine List
Name Photo Material Handling Manufacturer Manual Status Condition Safety Equipment Requires Authorization?
Vigor Burnout Furnace Model 1065 Enamel Work Vigor Functional 4 Leather/Welding Gloves

Tongs or Pliers

Rapidfire Pro - L Kiln Metal-Clay Firing

1700 F Max Temp

Tabletop Furnace Company Online PDF Unkown 2 Leather/Welding Gloves


Firebox8 Kiln Glass Fusing

Cone , 2000 F

Skutt Unknown 2 Leather/Welding Gloves

Tongs or Pliers

Micro Mill / Drill Low RPM Drill Press Central Machine

(Harbor Freight)

Working 3 Safety Glasses NO
Belt Grinder All Metals / Material Fabricated / Hacked (?) Working 2 Leather Gloves

Safety Glasses

1 Stage Vacuum Pump and Chamber Degassing Resins Fabricated / Hacked Working 2 Safety Glasses NO
8" Axial Table Buffer, 3/4HP Polishing Metals Unknown Working 2 Safety Glasses

Leather Gloves

Cold Roll Mill Roll-Forming Precious Metals

Square / Half Round Wire Forming

Unknown Working 2 Safety Glasses NO
Little Torch ; Oxy/Propane Precious Metal Soldering ,Fusing,

and Annealing ; Low Temp

Smith Working 1 Safety Glasses

Cotton Clothing Pref.

Little Torch ; Oxy/Acetylene Precious Metal Soldering ,Fusing,

and Annealing ; High Temp

Smith Working 1 Safety Glasses

Cotton Clothing Pref.

Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning of Jewelry with soap/water

or alcohol

Magnasonic Working 1 -- NO
Ring Sizer / Stretcher Adjustment of rings to higher sizes Unknown Working 3 -- NO
Spin Caster Spin-Casting of Molds Unknown Inop. 4 Leather Gloves

Leather Apron

Safety Glasses

Two Users Minimum

X-Rite Silver Recovery Recovery of Silver X-Rite Unknown -- -- NO
Propane Torch ; 593-2001 Lampworking Glass Beads Unknown Working 2 Sodium Flare Safety Glasses PEER via CLASS
Mini Disk Sander Sanding in Lampwork Area Cowell Working 2 -- NO
Flex Shaft #1 Rotary Handtool Drive ; Key/Flag Foredom Model CC Working 2 Safety Glasses PEER via CLASS
Flex Shaft #2 Rotary Handtool Drive ; Key/Flag Foredom Model CC Functional 3 Safety Glasses PEER via CLASS
Table Guide

Status Definitions:: Working - Fully Functional, No Apparent Issues ; Functional - Can Perform it's Basic Function but Needs Repaired. ; Inop. - Can Not Function in it's Current State, Must Be Repaired ; Unknown - Operation Not Confirmed / Not Used in Previous 6 Months or Longer

Condition Scale:: 1 - Like New / No Damage ; 2 - Slight Damage, Mostly Superficial ; 3 - Minor Damage, Needs Addressed but Doesn't Effect Use Yet ; 4 - Major Damage or Near End of Life, Functionality Effected and/or Parts Hard to Acquire ; 5 - Critical Damage or End of Life, Can No Longer Function and/or Parts Unavailable

What We Need / To-Do List

We are currently in need of many items normally found in a properly-equipped jewelry design and repair shop.

Donations of tools and materials are appreciated. Contact before tool donations to make sure it can be accepted and there is a space for it.

We have an assortment of findings, wire, and beads that need better organized. Non-ferrous (Copper, Red Brass, Yellow Brass, German/Nickel Silver) and scrap precious metals (Silver and Gold) donations will go towards zero-cost jewelry making classes.

We are also seeking people with experience in jewelry work to teach small classes (usually limited to six people, because the lab is small) in their area of talent, interest, or expertise. If you can give of your time and talent for a class, please contact Michael Atherton at or fill out the form to teach a class here.

With your help, we can have an awesome resource for jewelry making here at MakeICT!

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