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General Information

The jewelry lab is located in the Cold Metal shop at MakeICT.  Metal shop authorization is highly recommended before using the Jewelry Lab.  In this lab, you can cut stones, polish cabochons, solder metal, melt glass for beads, and cast jewelry.  We have most of the tools available, but metals and stones.  Authorization for the cabbing machine, diamond saws, and centrifugal caster must be acquired before use.  Luke Swearingen is the jewelry lab lead and can be contacted at

Access Policy

Jewelry Lab Access Policy

Jewelry Lab Safety

  1. You are welcome to use any of the tools or equipment in the Jewelry Lab, with the exception of the Cabbing Machine, Diamond Saws, and Centrifugal Caster without prior authorization. If there's something you don't know how to do safely or without damaging the equipment, please ask before using. You can always ask questions on the forum ask for help.
  2. Do not use any machine that is not in good working order. Stop, unplug and leave a note on the machine and notify Jewelry Lab.
  3. Never assume a tool is properly adjusted; always check the tool prior to use.
  4. Never modify or hack any equipment.
  5. If something is wrong, leave a note in an obvious place on the troubled equipment and e-mail

Equipment List

  • 4 ton "A Frame" hydraulic press
  • Ring Stretcher/Shrinker
  • 1 ton Arbor Press
  • Smith "Little Torch" - currently using Oxygen/Propane
  • Dremel Electric Belt/Disc Sander
  • Electric Buffing/Grinding Wheel
  • Dremel Electric Rotary Tool
  • Assorted hand tools for jewelry work
  • (Unfinished) Centrifugal Casting Apparatus for small items (rings, pendants)
  • 8 wheel Cabochon Machine
  • 6 inch stone trim saw
  • 10 inch stone slab saw
  • Rumble Polisher and Media

What We Need

Our A-frame press, ring stretcher/shrinker, grinder/polisher, cabbing machine, and stone saws are all on loan from members, and replacing those items with MakeICT-owned equipment should be a priority. The ring stretcher/shrinker in particular has been heavily used, and is a low-end version never really designed for such heavy use.

We are currently in need of many items normally found in a properly-equipped jewelry design and repair shop. Donations of tools, jewelry, materials, and findings are greatly appreciated. We desperately need an assortment of findings and parts for fabricating small jewelry. Silver wire, silver sheet stock, and scrap silver would make it a much better lab. We are also seeking people with experience in jewelry work to teach small classes (usually limited to six people, because the lab is small) in their area of talent, interest, or expertise. If you can give of your time and talent for a class, please contact Luke Swearingen With your help, we can have an awesome resource for jewelry making here at MakeICT!

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