July 12th 2023

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Board Members

  • Rustin Atkeisson, President
  • James Lancaster, At-Large
  • Gretchen Koch, At-Large
  • Michael Atherton, At-Large
  • Nicole Reid, Treasurer
  • LaDeana Dockery, At-Large
  • Mindy McKinley, Secretary



  • Tony Reid
  • Jay Christensen
  • Russell Owens
  • Aaron Rivers
  • Scott Cockrill
  • Mike Barushok (remote)
  • Kez Cook (remote)

New Business

Review or member’s access suspension

  • A member’s access to the forum was removed after comments were made that violated the terms of use of the forum.
    • Is further action suggested?
    • Rustin reads COCC determination 2023-07-4
    • Report is deemed substantiated
    • Member has been found guilty of Doxxing
    • Suggested action: COCC asks that Board has a meeting with 1-2 members of both the board and the COCC to determine expectations of the forum and makerspace
    • continue forum suspension until this meeting
    • tell this member that any violations of the COC in the next six months may result in permanent banning from MakeICT
    • This member has had a verbal warning previously
    • Nicole says this is without context and there was already a full apology, minutes after the post in question
    • LaDeana asks if Nicole is objecting to this meeting
    • Nicole thinks an email will suffice
    • Mindy agrees with Nicole
    • Gretchen says the apology was taken into account in the COCC Determination
    • This member has canceled their membership already
    • LaDeana requests Moderation of this member’s forum account
    • Nicole recommends an email asking if this member is interested in coming back to MakeICT. If this person wants to come back, they would need to agree to the terms
    • Mike Atherton motions to reach out to the member to ask if interested in coming back to MakeICT and regain access to the forum under a 90 day moderation period, plus contact with the person and the board. The board will turn off moderation at the closest board meeting
    • Mindy seconds the motion
      • James Lancaster abstain
      • Gretchen Koch yes
      • Michael Atherton yes
      • Nicole Reid yes
      • LaDeana Dockery yes
      • Mindy McKinley yes

Motion passes 5 yes, 1 abstain

@DECISION:  [Board approved report and course of action by Mike on 2023-07-4 ]
  • 2nd member review not needed as action taken by security does not require further action by board - person can regain key access by submitting a new signed key form that would then have to be approved by the board of directors
    • Jay asks if security can arbitrarily turn off key card access
    • LaDeana states security can unilaterally turn off badge access to make situations safe
    • Jay asks what the policy is when a member of security puts their hands on another member
    • LaDeana states police should have been called
    • Nicole states the policy, any active security officer may deactivate a key of a member, and states any member may present policies to the board for consideration
    • Jay reasks what the policy is when security puts hands on a member
    • Nicole states that was not on the agenda, but that needs to be investigated
    • Mike states that that is under investigation by COCC
    • Jay states he is a witness for other incidents and was not asked his side of any story
  • 3rd member review not needed as action taken by forum moderators does not require further action by the board - person would have to reply to forum moderators and agree to the terms of service
    • They can email directors@makeict.org and we will forward to the moderators

COC Reporting Committee

  • Doug Wilson would like to join the committee
  • Looking for more people to join the COC Reporting Committee
    • Motion?
    • Nicole moves for Doug to be appointed
    • Mike seconds
      • James Lancaster yes
      • Gretchen Koch yes
      • Michael Atherton yes
      • Nicole Reid yes
      • LaDeana Dockery yes
      • Mindy McKinley yes

Motion carries 6 yes

If anyone is interested in joining COCC they should email coc-reporting@makeict.org (Any reports should go to reports@makeict.org )

@DECISION:  [Doug is appointed to COCRC ]

Interim Ceramics Lead

  • Nicole is willing to help with financial side of ceramics, but declines being lead at this time
  • Ceramics will have a meeting Monday at 6:30pm
  • Apparently owe Evans for 3 years of taxes on ceramics goods purchased
    • Nicole reiterates we are NOT tax exempt
    • Nicole is looking into the process to become tax exempt and hopefully reapply

VP Election

  • Will have a special election for a new vice president
  • Asking that the election committee reach out for more candidates
  • Current VP candidates:
    • Dean Day
    • Aaron Rivers
      • If someone wants to nominate themselves or someone else for the VP position, they can email election@makeict.org
      • If you want to become a member of the election committee, email election@makeict.org or talk to Doug Wilson
        • Jay asks if the old election is ‘book closed’, moving on
        • Rustin asks for clarification
        • Jay states there are facts that membership does not know
        • Rustin states we are trying to be as transparent as possible
        • Jay asks if transparency is a new thing
      • election date will be pushed back to account for the two weeks
    • Mike B says he will be willing to assist the election committee
  • Mindy moves to adjourn
  • Rustin seconded

Committee Reports

Upcoming Events

  • Maker Monday
    • 2nd and 4th Mondays

  • Member Orientation
    • Saturday July 8th @2:30pm
    • Tuesday July 18th @ 6pm

Decision Summary

    Task Summary