July 14 2014

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Meeting Time: 6:00pm

Location: MakeICT @ 914 W Douglas

All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.


  • Treasurer Report (as of 7/13/14)
    • Bank balance: $17,978.86
    • Paypal: $332.54
    • Total: $18,311.40
  • Membership numbers: 27 active, 21 inactive
    • TO DO: Survey - Jens, Mike
  • Social media: 719 Facebook fans, 261 Twitter followers

Policies and Procedures

  • Donation receipts
    • Mailed out to members after the end of the year, around end of January
  • Standing rules
    • Rye wrote "The spirit of MakeICT is not to be member's sole place of manufacture for their products or services, use of MakeICT's facilities beyond initial prototyping and incidental startup may be addressed by the board if it is detrimental to the community."
    • The above statement seemed to fit what was being needed for a member vote.
    • TO DO: Jens suggested a re-read of the standing rules. Dominic would send out an email.
  • Board member expectations - Quiz: can you state our mission?
    • MakeICT mission statement: We innovate, learn, and build community at the intersection of art, technology, science, and culture
  • New meeting day?
    • TO DO: Dominic would send out an email discussing other days, possible a week when we were not having other meetings.
  • Board member email addresses
    • TO DO: John, in process
  • Badges
  • Inventory control
    • Need ordering process
    • Discussion to increase amount of purchases without board approval at $200.00. Will be discussed.

Building Topics

  • Internet - Cox 25 mb connection coming soon @ $130/month
    • Waiting for conversation with installer
  • Insurance
    • Check is in the mail
  • The floor
    • Members need to send in emails to discuss possible solutions
  • Keys and access control
  • Studios
    • Novalene has moved into her larger studio
    • Jennifer may be leaving
    • TO DO: John will create a sign to put on the door to remind people to turn up the thermostat when leaving
  • Signage
    • Permission by owner to paint doors and building
    • Sign in front window, in process
    • Question - Do we need to post we have studio space available?
      • We could do that in the front windows and on the MakeICT website

Long Term Planning

  • We should think about the opportunities we have to sell stuff, at maker fairs and other venues and build our cash flow so that when the grant runs out we're still able to fly without raising our membership rate
    • Discussion to have some supplies for purchase at MakeICT: Arduinos, starter kits
  • Tool rental from Friend's?
    • In process
  • Startup Wichita
    • Setup meeting with Kenton for members to discuss
  • devICT
    • Setup meeting with Kenton for members to discuss
  • Code School
    • Kenton is going to do the betas for now
  • Labor Party space sharing
    • Discussed after meeting with consultant
    • Future planning meeting after KSBDC

Check on progress of Community Projects

  • Bus Thursdays
    • NEXT: Working on tail lights, installing dash
  • Electronic Door
    • NEXT: Wednesday night members will meet
  • EL Sign Instructable
    • TO DO: Send pictures to Dominic

Members' Projects and Recognition

  • Jess B is going on a book tour 2nd or 3rd week of August for the book she illustrated

New equipment/donations

  • We should get a video camera or GoPro to record workshops and other events. One person should be responsible for it.
    • John has video cameras we can use
  • All so for larger venues a PA system might be good. (Hack one together)
    • TO DO: Mike will check on Freecycle to see if we can get a donation
    • TO DO: We need MakeICT donation form design


  • July 26 - Dremel workshop
  • August 23 - Little Library build
    • TO DO: Mike will check Freecycle for free wood. Mike has truck to pickup.

Any topics from members or guests who are present

  • Limited 3D printer workshop - will print designs from members - James, Tom
  • Build your own 3D printer workshop was discussed
  • SumoBot workshop - Ivan is planning on holding one
  • MakeICT 1st SumoBot Robot Competition was discussed

Meeting closed @ 7:10 PM