July 25 2016

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Roll Call

  • Board Members
    • Barb Davis
    • Christian Kindel
    • Curt Gridley
    • Dominic Canare
    • James Lancaster
    • John Alexander
    • Kip Landwehr
    • Logan Pajunen
  • Members
    • Jacob Walker
    • Jerry Carpenter
    • Mike Barushok
    • Sam Schurter
    • Seth Etter
    • Tom McGuire

Officer Reports

Old Business

  • Tom – Updates from landlord regarding funding AC
    • Landlord not interested in spending any more money
  • Barb – Maker Faire Updates
    • Everyone signed up should have received an email from Exploration Place
    • Will be a mixer on Saturday after 5:30
    • Members and family access?
      • Free admission is one per MakeICT membership, not one family per MakeICT membership
        • @TODO (Dominic, no date): Notify our members that Maker Faire admission is one free entry per dues paying member, not whole family entry per dues paying member.
    • MakeICT official presence
      • Taking the punch card reader
      • Will have handouts and maybe business cards
      • Possibly will have a map with MakeICT's location
      • Take a laptop to sign up new members?
        • Yes
      • Could show small things that members have made at MakeICT
      • Need volunteers to help run the table
      • @TODO (Logan, no date): Speak with Dean about submitting a maker application for Maker Faire if he wants to do something with the forge.
  • Update on studio curtains

New Business

  • Business cards
    • We need some
    • Matt designed some
      • They're on the forum
        • @TODO (Dominic, no date): Revive the forum thread with Matt Pogue's business card designs.
    • Check out City Blue Print for having cards and fliers printed
  • Badges
    • Need a policy for nametags/badges in the makerspace
      • There was a forum thread about this previously
        • @TODO (Logan, no date): Rivive forum or email thread regarding nametags/badges at the makerspace.
    • A policy for badges was already passed
      • Details of the policy can be found [here]
    • Make a decision on a policy before the end of the next meeting
  • Building signage / exterior paint
    • Need a design
    • Need a blade sign
    • Do we need a permit to install a sign?
    • @TODO (Christian, no date): Post on the forum looking for volunteers to make a design for the sign, find a blade sign for us to use, and find out if we need a permit to install the sign.
  • Donor recognition
    • There are at least two forum threads on this already
    • John Alexander volunteered to spearhead this effort
  • Contributors of the Year recognition
    • @TODO (John Alexander, Before August 8, 2016): Complete the creation of contributor recognition items.
  • Board meetings schedule
    • For the foreseeable future, meetings will take place every Maker Monday
    • Long-term goal is to have meetings only monthly
  • Trash service and apology
    • We need to purchase trash service
      • @TODO (Tom, no date): Look into purchasing trash service for the makerspace.
    • Need to send an apology to Poorman's and also a thank-you for letting us borrow theirs for this long
      • @TODO (Logan, no date): Send an apology to Poorman's about the trash issue. May also thank them for allowing us to borrow their dumpster for as long as they have.
    • Need an interim plan for handling trash
      • Can use the dumpster at Logan's warehouse for the time being
    • Need to communicate to our membership that we can no longer use Poorman's dumpster
      • @TODO (John Alexander, no date): Put up a sign to notify members that we can no longer use Poorman's dumpster.
      • @TODO (John Alexander, no date): Post on the forum to notify members that we can no longer use Poorman's dumpster.
  • devICT program director appointment
    • Motion: Install Jacob Walker as the director
    • @DECISION: Jacob Walker is now the director of the devICT program.
  • Open Wichita director appointment
    • Motion: Install Seth Etter as the director
    • @DECISION: Seth Etter is now the director of the Open Wichita program.
  • Metalshop age limit?
    • Have a policy proposal for the next board meeting
  • Ceramics report from Susan de Wit – in Ceramics room
    • John Cody is Susan's Assistant BD
    • We have enough shelving for the current number of members actively using the clay room, but it's getting tight
    • Mug making class coming up in August
    • Planning an intro to enamel class
    • Think having accessible folding table rather than the current rolling tables would be preferred
    • Will soon have 3 good pottery wheels
    • Susan brought a toaster in for polymer clay
    • There is an access policy on the wiki, but it is incomplete and has not been approved by the Board
      • @TODO (Logan and Susan, no date): Finish creating the access policy for the clay studio.
    • Susan would like shelves put up
    • The current kiln is a higher voltage than the building provides.
      • The board will likly be receiving a request to resolve this problem in the near future
    • Susan thinks John Cody would be a good successor when she steps down from the BD role
    • Susan WANTS to paint the bathroom

Executive Session

  • Something needs to happen to help areas that are currently not functunal, or seem to need assistance
  • Need timelines for projects that are in progress so we can tell our members and guests when we are asked

General Topics and TODOs

  • @TODO (Kip, no date): Update the Wiki so the Bylaws reflect the votes from the annual meeting.

Decision Summary

    Task Summary