July 27 2015

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Governance Committee (Dom)

  • Studio rental agreement
  • Annual report filed

Communications Hive (Jens)

Social media stats
Count Change
Facebook 1373 +35
Twitter 877 +21
Meetup 258 +16
  • Logo/Signage update
  • Website
    • Hosting secured
    • Test site in work (please volunteer if you'd like to help with content)
  • Social media - volunteer needed!
  • Wiki updates (Mike)

  • @TODO (Dom, no date): Put sticky notes in window
  • @TODO (Dom, no date): Research flagging template for Wiki pages that need updated

Finances and Fundraising Task Force (Dustin)

Balance Change
Member count
  • Treasurer's report
  • Advance rent
  • Sponsorship levels and recognition
  • Member audit

  • @DECISION: Rent for the next five months will be paid up front
  • @TODO (Dustin, no date): Follow up with landlords about the removal of the safes (done by Dustin)
  • @TODO (Dom, no date): Start a thread on the public forum about sponsorship recognition (done by Dustin)
  • @TODO (Dom, no date): Put a link on Wild Apricot to a walk-through for updating payment fees
  • @TODO (All BDs, Before August 15, 2015): Spend budgeted funds. DO NOT go over budget

Remote Events and Outreach Gaggle (Barb)

  • Guest (6:50pm): Laurel Zhang from Exploration Place
  • Ask for debrief notes from Maker Faire
  • Micro Makerfaire at Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church
  • Ark City Rotary group visit; Monday August 10 at Noon
  • Ulrich talk Tuesday Sept 16
  • Meet with McLean staff to discuss monthly activities

  • @TODO (All, no date): Email debrief notes (if you have any) about Mini Maker Faire to Barb
  • @TODO (Dom, no date): Ping Ulrich talk
  • @TODO (Barb, no date): Email Dom about McLean elementary

Special Projects Brigade (Kip)

  • WuLUG to (maybe) help build server/network?


Makerspace (Tom)

  • From the maker fair I had some discussion for doing a series of weekly "how to" spots.
  • also Jason Cox wants to know how he can help.
  • get a sign on the building
  • Could have several 2nd Sat. worshops lined up
  • Melony wants to be a member on WildApricot
  • BD meeting to review unfinished spaces

  • @TODO (Tom, no date): Get workshops coordinated

devICT (Seth)

  • Continued talks about Riverfest Hackathon with WFI + WCF
  • Game Jam planning going smoothly, coming up this weekend

Community Updates


Miscellaneous TODOs

  • @TODO (Jens, Before August 10,2015): Have a new, front door key made for Dom
  • @TODO (Dustin, no date): Take one of the classroom laptops to check on the laptop cart (done by Dustin)


Decision Summary

    Task Summary