July 6 2021 - Facilities

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Roll Call

Committee Members

  • Joe Birzer
  • Roy Lyon
  • Steve Owens
  • Ralph Romig
  • Wes Timmerman


Old Business

  • Water entering the tunnels
    • Ralph is investigating guttering options. He will come up with a plan for the whole building prioritizing the backside.
  • Oak Tree in the front
    • Coordinate cutting with Brad. Coordinate hauling with Wes.
  • Roof
    • Ralph is still needing to follow-up with the contractors.
  • Textiles Drier lint trap
    • No update
  • Mowing
    • We need to follow-up with Rustin Atkeisson and David Mendoza about mowing needs and equipment.
  • Fence vegetation
    • The fence has been trimmed, we will continue to monitor and follow-up with Aaron Rivers.
  • Welcome Center Countertop
    • We still need to get the black paint, but the epoxy has been ordered and should be in 4-5 day. Thanks Cathy.
  • LED lights
    • We need to follow-up with Paula to get the link to the proposed replacement bulbs.
    • Ralph will reach out to potential suppliers for possible donations.
    • Joe updated us on the switch situation. Recommending 20 amp switches. We also plan on moving these switches to the hallway when installed.
  • Print Shop walls
    • Now that we have new pallet racks for storage, there was a discussion of utilizing the old wooden racks as walls.
    • Still considering using the choir divider panels as the wall medium.
  • Task list spreadsheet
    • Steve will look into setting up a sharable sheet.

New Business

  • Window AC Units
    • Joe is working on mounting 2 units in Room 1.
    • A third unit is cleaned and ready to mount in Room 3. Still need a second unit for adequate cooling. Jai was looking for more units, we need to follow-up with him.
    • Fablab unit is not working ... update it was fixed after the meeting by flipping breakers.
    • Need to discuss with new board and finance committee on plans for further installations.
  • White board for volunteers
    • We discussed the possibility of setting up a task list on a white board like was in Classroom 3 during the rebuild. The thought was to put this in the hallway to try to encourage members to adopt a task so that the burden is not strictly on the facilities committee.

===== place holder notes

joe ralph steve Domy Rivo dean

dryer vent nothing yet

roof contractors waiting on calls

trees not trimmed yet

yard care getting done

door to the janitors closet

door closers ... long list fire doors we have the closers just need installed

walls frame the walls

choir walls

dry erase board

welcome center still need to do the pour logo decission

AC Need power

Evergy checkout transformer Checkout breakerbox

Foundray Dean brought up the concerns about insurance and space


Next Meeting

  • August 3rd at 6:30 PM