June 15 2015

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Communications Hive (John)

Social media stats
Count Change
Facebook 1290 +38
Twitter 832 +17
Meetup 210 +14
  • New website will be up by July 15

Finances and Fundraising Task Force (Jens)

Balance Change
Member count 111 +5
  • Budget for remainder of 2015 here
  • Retail
    • @TODO (Mike, June 19): Start discussion on the Admin email about the consignment position

Governance Committee (Dom)

  • 2015 Annual Meeting
    • @TODO (Dom, ): add a link to the survey on the Annual Meeting Agenda
    • @TODO (Mike, ): Post item on Forum about MakeICT Potluck
    • @TODO (Dom, couple of days): create Google Sheet for Potluck items and email to Gina
    • @TODO (Jens, ): Financial breakdown of the money spent for the membership at the Annual Board meeting
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): add to voting topics for annual meeting: should program directors have a vote on the board?
  • Volunteering page tasks
  • @TODO (Dom, ): add a new page in the Wiki for things that MakeICT needs

Remote Events and Outreach Gaggle (Barb)

  • Wichita Mini Maker Faire
    • we are ready to go
    • "Call for Makers" is posted on Exploration Place go out
    • @TODO (Barb, ): sent emails out to people who may want to be at the Mini Maker Fair

Special Projects Brigade (Mike)

  • Electric bus status


Makerspace (Tom)

  • Floor plan is coming along. More areas are being resolved (thanks everyone)
    • Studios are coming along
    • Metal shop, space is defined
    • Ceramics room, space is defined (Bathroom in the works)
    • Print making, in flux but close to being defined
    • Bike shop, in flux
    • Exposure room, in flux
    • Kitchen, in flux
    • Laundry, in flux
  • Could use more tables for workshops (1 or 2)
  • Create signage for locking the garage door (Shut the door and push pins on both sides).
  • Improve signage for setting the alarm before leaving (Push button for one second BEFORE opening door).

devICT (Seth)

  • No topics

Community Updates

  • No topics


  • 20 June - Screenprinting workshop (added by Jens)
  • 20 June - 2015 Annual Meeting
  • 25 June - devICT Talk (Spot open!)
  • 27-28 June - KC Maker Faire
  • 13 July - 2nd Saturday - Wearables w/ Tom, Barb, and Mike (move to July/August?)
  • 18 July - Wichita Mini Maker Faire
  • 31 July - 2 August - ICT Game Jam
  • 8 August - 2nd Saturday - ?


Decision Summary

    Task Summary