June 18th 2023

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Board Members Present

Board Members

  • Rustin Atkeisson, President
  • Doug Wilson, Secretary
  • Aaron Rivers, At-Large
  • James Lancaster, At-Large
  • LaDeana Dockery,At-Large


  • Sherry Ibrahim, Vice-President
  • Gary Titus, Treasurer
  • Joe Birzer, At-Large

Members Present

Gretchen Koch Dean Day Chian SIlks Nicolle Reid Kez Cook Bill Dickey Greg Cain Samantha Cain Gaye Caine Mindy McKinley Scott Sullivan Jay Christianson Russ Owens Dominic Canare Matt Cleary Janice Meinhardt Megan Frost and guest

Agenda and Notes

  • Thanks and Recognition
    • Everyone coming, people for putting things together
    • Community Partners.
  • Achievements
    • Financial solvency at current settings, not much extra
    • Loan for electrical work should be paid off in a few months.
  • Building Update
  • Areas Update
  • Membership Update
  • Financial Report
  • Volunteers / Committee Opportunities
  • Donations Needed
  • Q&A
    • Kez - loan question: When does that loan $2,200 fall off?
      • Rustin - loan was paid off in July 2022. Missed removing it from the slide.
    • Jay Christian - are we striving to have a savings account or is that not in the plan.
      • Nicolle - currently MakeICT has 3 months of savings. This is why we are needing people to help with the roof, because we don’t want to have to use that savings.
      • LaDeana - historically we had a savings account. It was used as part of the move, and we’re working on building it back up.
      • Rustin - we do not want to tap the 3 month savings at all, because we do not want to touch the slush fund.
      • Greg Cain - is there a certain percentage that they put into the slush fund every month, or just not touch it to keep it 3 month’s worth?
        • Nicolle - we’ve recently separated it out into separate buckets. [Need to update her response better]

Board Election


  • Ben Rogers - President
    • absent.
  • Rustin Atkeisson - President
    • Been around the Makerspace about 8 years, since we moved into Douglas.
    • Started with pet dragons and robots, then ended up on the Board.
    • It’s been amazing watching makers grow and myself grow. He sees opportunity to grow with the board, recognizes mistakes in the past, but is learning and growing from them.

Vice President

  • Gaye Cain - Vice-President
    • See At Large
  • Dean Daye - Vice-President
    • There is a lot of responsibility that goes with being a VP, one of the big things a VP can do is reach out to other volunteer groups and get the word out of the benefits of MakeICT
  • Michael Atherton - Vice-President
    • absent
  • Mindy500 McKinley - Secretary
    • From Topeka, came to Wichita for school, fell in love with the place and never wants to leave.
    • Economics instructor at WSU,
    • Lives by: there is always room for improvement, don’t make the same mistake twice
  • James Lancaster - Secretary
    • Member since MakeICT has had membership since MakeICT was a very small space in the back of bluebird art studio
    • been on the board for 5 yrs, the makerspace has gone through a lot of difficulties, but we have been able to find ways to make it work from 5people to 532 people
    • would like to keep seeing this place grow


  • Nicole Reid - Treasurer
    • Bachelors in accounting and is CFO of a restaurant group
    • Is excited to be here and see what MakeICT can be

At Large

  • Anthony Reid. [Candidate Profile]
    • (currently supporting bike riders at Race Across America)
    • has been making the rounds around the space as well, and willing to do some heavy lifting
  • Beniah Crossette. [Candidate Profile]
    • absent
  • Dean Day. [Candidate Profile]
    • Would like to praise the current board for keeping us in existence and in the black
    • Wants to work on making the space a better and enjoyable place
    • Wants to get rid of the idea that we are Wichita’s Best Kept Secret
  • Gaye Caine. [Candidate Profile]
    • Member since Nov 2021 and loves it at MakeICT and ceramics
    • Wants to meet everyone and will ‘drag people’ willingly into ceramics to get to know them more!
    • Would love to see the outside of the place as interesting as the inside of the makerspace
  • Gregory Cain. [Candidate Profile]
    • Aiming to streamlining projects and making sure the place stays clean!
    • Believes that everyone on the board should visit each space and do a project in each space in order to know about the areas. How can you be a board member if you don’t know the areas the board is over. He has been in each area and so he’s been a part of almost every area so far.
    • Has been making the rounds, still has screen printing to check out.
  • Gretchen Koch. [Candidate Profile]
    • Member since 2021
    • Went to Douglas for a sewing class, got excited at the old space, but finally joined up for access to equipment and to get to know more people
    • Most of her time has been in the wood shop, but has been spending a lot time in the hot shop thanks to hobby creeping
    • Also serving on the COC committee and recognizes the potential conflict of interest as well as the potential of being overwhelmed. Would be open to everyone's advice on how to handle situations
  • Ladeana Dockery. [Candidate Profile]
    • 2nd time running for the board in a row (4 yrs so far)
  • Michael Atherton. [Candidate Profile]
    • Absent
  • James Lancaster. [Candidate Profile]
    • See comments in Secretary Section
    • Final Call for Nominations, - no additional nominations proposed

Raise the Roof Fundraiser

    • Dean Day - Raise the Roof Gallery Information
      • If you see an empty gallery pedestal, feel free to put your maker art/project on it with a price. If it sells, 20% of proceeds go to MakeICT Raise the Roof fund.

End of meeting Q&A:

  • Which committees need the most help?
    • All of them. Pick something that you’re passionate about and LaDeana will help you find your spot.
  • If there are 15 committees, how many people are required to be on the committees?
    • There are three types of committees: standing and as needed.
    • Standing committees are required and would only need 1 person.
    • As Hoc committees [require 5 people - is that correct?]
    • Specialized committees require 5 people.
  • All of these questions are answered in the wiki Standing Rules - committees - rules and policies regarding committees.
  • If the same people are on all the committees, is there a potential for them to have tunnel vision?
    • LaDeana tries to recruit more people because we have too few people right now.
    • LaDeana - You’re less likely to burnout of a committee if you’re passionate about it.
    • LaDeana - It would be great to have a ton of people on committees rather than a ton of people running for the board.
    • Dean - Volunteering - just attended Exploration Place’s open night. Was in charge of helping them find volunteers. They’re having trouble finding volunteers right now. Everyone is having trouble finding volunteers right now.
    • Dom- I challenge you to find a organization with as many volunteers as we have that doesn’t have a staff volunteer coordinator.
  • What’s the next big thing coming up? Vol Coordinator, parking lot, etc???
    • To be determined, but most likely trying to hire or contract a grant writer
  • Circle back: Rustin, what is the next item on the 5 year plan.
    • Heating and Air? Pipe dream would be to have centralized air conditioning and a building at 72 deg Fahrenheit. Unless it really becomes and urgent need, don’t really see this as a top priority.
    • The grant writer or volunteer coordinator is the largest thing.
  • Dean - challenges the next board to come up with a new 5 year plan.
    • LaDeana - the next board chooses what the board does.
    • Dom - That’s a reason to execute the plan, not a reason to not have a plan.
    • Nichole suggests a google form for survey.
  • Scott - do we still need a road for a fire truck?
    • Rustin - That was dropped from the PUD rezoning. The fire road is not needed
  • Gaye - There are day folk and night folk. Has anyone ever thought of meeting the night folk and listening to them and/or scheduling things late night? There are a lot of makers that have valid ideas and awesome ideas, and they’re just being missed.
    • Lancaster - we have a limit on our PUD - 11p on weeknights, 12a Friday and Saturday.
    • James the zoning limits us to 8a-12 Fri/Sat 8a-11 sun-thur
  • Dom - future annual meeting suggestion: could we have some door statistics? See what days/times are being used regularly. Not interested in month to month basis, but an overview of the year would be nice.

Closed at 6:46p.