June 20 2019

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2019 June 20 Board meeting minutes


Roll Call

Board Members

  • President - Kim Burton
  • Vice President - LaDeana Dockery
  • Treasurer - David Springs
  • Secretary - Ken Steadman
  • At Large Director - Barb Davis (absent)
  • At Large Director - Rustin Atkeisson
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long (absent)
  • At Large Director - James Lancaster


  • Josh Robinson
  • Patrick Hutcheson
  • Scott Sullivan
  • Alysa Bumgarner
  • Kevin Bumgarner
  • Eric Dorsey

Standing Items

  • Thanks & recognition
    • Emily Ediger, great work on the new member handbook!
    • Jennifer O'Crowley for helping out on maker mondays!
    • Election committee - Steve Saner, Doug, James Lancaster
    • Christian for the new laser cutter controller and for inviting a lot of people to watch him do it!
  • Safety and security
  • Treasurer's report
    • Nothing new - Instructor fees paid reflect prior months classes, so will not align with class income amounts
    • Bus settlement has been decided, Batteries must be stored until Copart decides if they want them. We’ve received the settlement. Need to put a note on the batteries not to move them.
      • Insurance fees will be reduced with departure of Bus from our policy
  • Ken makes motion to accept the Treasurer's report, Ladeana second. 5 in favor, 1 abstain. **Motion carries.
  • DevICT has their own 501(c)(3) - David motions that we give the funds in their account to **DevICT. Ken seconds. 5 in favor, 1 abstain. Motion carries.
  • Devin is the new Treasurer starting July 1. David moves that the board grant permission to add him to our accounts effective immediately. LaDeana seconds. 5 in favor, 1 abstain. Motion carries.

Old Business

  • Annual meeting review
    • Feedback?
      • Voting improvements - allow until midnight the 2nd day or something, instead of 48 hours
      • Make sure the election committee understands more of their jobs (ie, posting nominations, responding to nominations, being there after the annual meeting, contacting people, etc)
    • Election results from the Annual meeting Ken
      • President: David Springs
      • Vice-President: Alysa Bumgarner
      • Secretary: Rustin Atkeisson
      • Treasurer: Devin Halsey
      • Director at Large: Malissa Long, LaDeana Dockery, Josh Robinson, Scott Sullivan
  • David moves that we accept the election results and approve the elected board members taking office July 1, per our bylaws. Ken seconds. 5 in favor, 1 abstain. Motion carries.
  • Strategic initiatives - Discussion was to be sent to the forum
  • WildApricot price increase - have we renewed for a year yet? (yes)

New Business

  • Jamie from Boy Scouts Venturing is here
    • https://talk.makeict.org/t/scouting-and-makeict-venturing-opportunity/3259
    • Need five adults & five youth - Malissa, Erik, Rustin and Alysa are in
    • Also need five youth - age 14 - 21
    • David moves that we waive metalshop & woodshop safety class non-member fees for youths in the venturing program. Ken seconds.
    • Four in favor, two abstain - motion carries
    • Reminder that their parent has to sign the waiver, not just the crew leaders
  • Maker Monday on the 8th
  • How was NOMCON?
    • 100% better than last year. We have so much good information to bring back. We wish we had 1 more person to cover the sessions we couldn’t attend. We’ll debrief on June 30th at 4 PM. The debriefing will include Some Survey data and the coins, which we will give to their rightful owner. Malissa is now the state rep for Kansas and the Indiana delegation has offered support. They have a state nonprofit organization, the makerspaces formed together to help support each other and have a template we can follow. We would like to invite other makerspaces to the debriefing.
  • Task: IT has to set up wiki accounts for all board members, committee and area leads
    • @TODO (IT., no date): Setup Wiki accounts for all 2019 to 2020 board members, committee and area leads.
  • Task: Ken will look at revising CCTV policy
    • @TODO (Ken Steadman., no date): Review CCTV policy and provide potential policy updates.
  • Need a report from the new building committee, new prospects?

Upcoming Events

  • August 10 Astrofest at Lake Afton
  • Next quarterly meeting is in September
  • Open streets - September 22
  • Group trip out to the cosmosphere?

Committee Reports

Requested items from each committee:

  • Accomplishments this month
  • Upcoming goals
  • Where do you need help/how to get involved?

IT - Tom Bloom

Membership (and Community outreach) - Shannon Fisher

Last Meeting: June 18, 2018

We brainstormed for volunteer recruitment ideas and plan to implement the following right away:

1. Utilize multiple avenues to advertise volunteer needs, including the forum, email, and social media. In the past, we have advertised on Talk OR email OR social media, but we can reach a broader audience by advertising volunteer needs within those resources simultaneously.

2. Shannon is creating an editable Google Doc that lists monthly makerspace events and housekeeping tasks that need volunteers. David will include a link to this document in his monthly digital newsletters that are emailed to the entire member body. We feel like providing a visual of volunteer needs, as well as who is helping, might attract more volunteers. The Google Doc will also be shared on the forum and social media.

3. Emily is creating a makerspace inventory system and spreadsheet (thanks, Emily). Volunteers will be needed to help with inventory. More details coming soon....

Creator Showroom - Dean Day

  • No Update

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - LaDeana Dockery

  • No Update

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman

  • Nothing has happened

Scholarships- Nick Endicott

  • No Update

Outreach (and Education) - Daryl Goad

  • No Update

Fundraising- Meghan Iacuzzi

  • No Update

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - Nicole Kirkhart

  • No Update

Building committee

  • 7:55 David moves to adjourn, Ken seconds, all in favor.

Decision Summary

    Task Summary