June 29 2015

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Communications Hive (John/Jens)

Social media stats
Count Change
Facebook 1316 +26
Twitter 845 +13
Meetup 229 +19
    • @TODO (unassigned, no date): Send out Sept 12 event to email list - Micro Makerfaire at Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church
    • @TODO (John, 2015-August-01): Create Exploration Place blogs for the Mini Maker Faire
    • @TODO (John and Gina, 2015-August-03): Determine if we will have a Maker blog for people to write and post articles

Finances and Fundraising Task Force (Jens)

Balance Change
Member count 112 +1
  • Purchase of laser cutter
    • @TODO (Jens, 2015-July-13): Find out if there is a cost break for buying 2 laser cutters
    • @TODO (Jens, 2015-July-13): Purchase the laser cutter
    • @TODO (Bryan, 2015-July-13): Determine hardware/power requirements for a laser cutter so when it is ready to be installed, it can be used used during training by vendor
  • @TODO (Jens, 2015-July-13): Handoff treasurer role and Task Force duties to Dustin
  • Update on grants being sought?
    • @TODO (Dustin, 2015-July-13): Find out the status of grants being pursued
    • @TODO (Jess, 2015-July-13): Work with April on a sewing grant
  • Proposal for project approval question was asked
    • Listed in Special Projects section below

Governance Committee (Dom)

  • Welcoming the new board
    • Transition plans
  • Sub-committees on the board meeting minutes were created and updated by board members
    • A way to develop new potential board members
    • Each board member (new/continuing) will need to determine if they will update sub-committe notes
    • @TODO (Board members, 2015-July-13): Communicate with board members who are taking over your positions, help them transition
  • Volunteering page tasks updates needed, new section for Board members has been created

Remote Events and Outreach Gaggle (Barb)

  • Mini Maker Faire
  • Micro Makerfaire at Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church, Sept 12
  • Youth Horizon is having a Game night/Mini Maker Faire, July 13

Special Projects Brigade (Mike/Kip)

@TODO (Mike, no date): Start a wiki page for special projects brigade. It should include the process for project approval

  • Proposal for project approval (Dom - May 4 Board Meeting minutes)
    • 1. Genesis of idea
    • 2. Recruitment of members
    • 3. Creation of proposal, which should at least include:
      • Purpose of the project
      • Members involved
      • Budget
    • 4. Presentation of proposal to board of directors; if approved
    • 5. Allocation of funds and work on project


Makerspace (Tom)

  • Laser cutter
  • Network plan
    • @TODO (Mike, 2015-July-13): Install 2nd WiFi AP
    • @TODO (Mike, 2015-July-13): Present wired network plan to board
  • Classroom budget (BD?)
    • @TODO (Mike, 2015-July-13): Present classroom plan to board
  • Instructables build night (Cheng Concrete)
    • Still looking for a leader. Do we need one or can we just have a free-for-all like Sugru?
    • @TODO (unassigned, 2015-July-27): Ask for volunteers to write the 2 Instructables required for the Chen Concrete Instructable Build Night
    • @TODO (Mike, 2015-July-13): Send out invite to forum on Cheng Concrete Instructables Build Night

devICT (Seth)

  • Steady as she goes!
  • Lot of interest in Open Wichita
  • Hackathon may be part of Riverfest next year

Community Updates

  • No updates


  • 11 July - 2nd Saturday - Lockpicking
  • 18 July - Wichita Mini Maker Faire
  • 31 July - 2 August - ICT Game Jam
  • 8 August - 2nd Saturday? - Chen Concrete Instructable Build Night
  • 12 Sept - Micro Makerfaire at Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church
  • 12 Sept - 2nd Saturday - Wearables w/ Tom, Barb, and Mike


Decision Summary

    Task Summary