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Lead: Adam Denton

Image displaying the make ict logo on the top with the text Letterpress shop on the bottom.

General Information:

Coming Soon(tm)

Access Policy:

This Policy is Under Construction and as such is not yet approved by the board.

Area Authorization:

There is an area authorization for this Area.

Equipment access is listed on each equipment page however is also summerized below:

The Challenge Paper Cutter, Thermal Laminator, the Paper drill, and the Corner punch are able to be peer-athorized by any authorized member.

The Nuarc Plate Maker and the Heidelberg Windmill are authorized by an approved class or the area lead ONLY. Peer Authorization is not an approved path to become authorized on these two pieces of equipment.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy for Letterpress:

No person under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol may enter the area.

Policy on use of area by minors:

No person under the age of 18 may use this space unless directly supervised by a parent or guardian.

Letterpress Area Safety:

There are 5 simple safety rules for the letterpress shop:

  1. Don't put anything near any blade or punch that you don't want cut or drilled.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. There are hazards everywhere.
  3. No alcohol or drugs in the letterpress area.
  4. Be excelent to each other. Share your knownlege or what you are working on. Clean up after yourself. Be a good steward of the equipment.
  5. Make safely no matter what.

Project Storage Policy:

Currently due to limited space in our shop, any projects may only be stored onsite in a rented locker in the hallway.


Image Make Model Function Resources Equipment Status
Image showing the Heidelberg Windmill in the Letterpress Shop
Heidleberg Windmill
Heidlberg Windmill Platten Press Make ICT Resources:

Heidelberg Windmill


Operating Manual

External Resources:

Needs Maintenance
Image showing the nuarc photopolymer platemaker
Nuarc Fliptop Platemaker
NuArc Fliptop Photopolymer Plate Maker Make ICT Resources:

Nuarc Platemaker


External Resources:

Image displaying the Challenge papercutter in the Letterpress Shop
Challenge Champion Papercutter
Challenge Champion Paper Cutter Make ICT Resources:

Challenge Paper cutter


Operating and Parts Manual

External Resources:

Challenge EH-3 3 spindle paper drill Make ICT Resources:

Challenge Eh-3


External Resources:

Inoperable due to lack of power.
Image displaying the Electric Paper holder in the letterpress shop
Electric Paper Folder
Unknown Unknown Electric Paper Folder Make ICT Resources:

Paper Folder


External Resources:

Needs repair.
Unknown Unknown Electric Corner Punch Make ICT Resources:

Electric Corner Punch


External Resources:

Needs repair.
Unknown Unknown Thermal Laminator Make ICT Resources:

Thermal Laminator


External Resources:

Unknown Unknown Heavy Paper Stapler


Classes in this area are not currently being offered. Keep an eye on the forum for updates.

This is a draft list:

Introduction to Photopolymer Platemaking (Nuarc Fliptop Authorization)

Introduction to the Heidelberg Windmill Press (Heidelberg authorization)

Introduction to die cutting (Heidelberg Diecutting Authorization. Prerequesites: Introduction to the Heidelberg Windmill Press)

Introduction to foil inlay printing (Heidelberg foil-inlay authorization Prerequisites: Introduction to the Heidelberg Windmill Press, Introduction to Die Cutting)

Printing processes for specialty printmaking (Prerequisite: Heidelberg Authorization Course Sequence).

Digital-media to platten printing (prerequisite: Laser Cutter Authorization, Heidelberg Authorization Course Sequence)