March 10 2014

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Meeting Time: 5:30pm Location: Bluebird Arthouse

All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.


  • Treasurer Report
    • Bank balance: $241.--
    • Paypal: $876.--
    • Total: $1117.--
  • Taxes
    • James S has asked for income and expenditure data for 2013
  • Wild Apricot
    • Page setup completed
    • Officially enrolled in the community level membership ($50/mo)
    • Still unsure if members can enroll in 3/6/etc-month installments
    • Board members need to confirm payment history is accurate

Policies and Procedures

  • Unmarked/claimed items will be labeled as such with a date.
    • If they remain unclaimed (via labeling and storing) with 2 weeks, it will be available for anyone to claim for a project or disposal

Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects

  • Door access update
    • Hardware design is preliminarily complete
      • PCB layout is complete
      • Rye will work with Tom to finalize
    • Web interface started
  • EL Sign
    • Will probably complete tonight
    • Instructable will be assigned tonight
  • Bus
    • Installed new batteries
    • Slave brake cylinder doesn't fit
      • Old one "rebuilt" - may be working fine now
    • Ray M offered to paint the bus/body work/etc
      • Took driver door home to repair
    • May hook up the controller this week
  • 3D printer explanation video
    • James and Mike D to work together
  • Need to cleanup Dropbox/Google Drive

Check on progress of Member Projects

  • Dusin E posted a Tessaract project on the FB page
    • POTM candidate?

New equipment/donations

  • Barb brought some junk


  • Intro to CNC (March 15th)
    • Tom working on a simplified workflow which will work with Foam Cutter or CNC
    • GRBL is magic. Tom is mastering it.
    • This event is the day after Pi Day (3.14)
      • Barb will bring a pie-ish something
      • Dom will also bring a pie
  • Arduino Day (March 29th)
    • Party at Dom's
    • Bring Arduino
    • Arduino Cake
    • Larger-than-life, working Arduino
      • Need supply list
      • Need someone to coordinate
      • Need think out loud on the listserv
  • (Real) Computing for Humans and other Non-robots (April 19th)
  • Wichita Art and Book Fair (May 9-11)
    • We will be between steampunk stuff and a sketch artist
    • Will have at least 10'x20', potentially 10'x30' if we want it
    • Chris Gulick will plan to meet with us again in the near future
    • Potential Projects:
      • E-textiles (to promote workshop the following week)
      • Laser spirograph
      • Mechanical spirograph - barb to check on it
      • Scott's Drawbot
        • Sounds like his upgrade is going well
      • Touch table - will need to do some new coding
      • Infinity mirror
      • EL Sign
      • The usual suspects
        • 3D printer
        • Small foam cutter
        • PCB Mill
        • Robot Arm
  • Basic Sewing Workshop (May 17)
  • Riverfest (May 30-June 6)
    • No significant updates since the last meeting

Any topics from members who are present

  • March 15 - Hackathon
    • MakeICT has been helping to promote
  • March 21 - Teen soldering (with Erin at the library) - 2pm
    • If anyone is available, should
  • April 17 - Mead MS doing STEM workshops
  • May 1 - McLean Magnet is having a STEM day - do we want to try to participate?

Meeting closed 18:57