March 14 2021 Garden Committee

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March 3/14/21 Dean Day Aaron Rivers Sean Sandefur Scott Sullivan Shaun Sigly JaiPau Sarah Denton Ethian Doak Mike Barushok Malissa Long Melanie Jenney

Aaron proposed Shaun second Aaron, Shaun, Mike, Dean, and Scott as committee members. Passed

Sean proposed Aaron as lead

Aaron proposed Sean be the treasurer of the committee. Passed

Aaron proposed Mike Barushok as Vice President. Passed

Master site plan has been in the works for 2 months. We were presented with both plans and plan to work the garden into whichever plan is selected.

Plan to start small and focused and see where it expands to. We want to be responsible only for the area we claim. Have a method to claim or release property as we grow or contract. Not necessary to submit this board meeting can call a special board meeting to establish the committee if needed.

Immediate order of business

  • Continue work with Extension Center
  • If we get approved Thursday get soil tested. Do so ourselves short term and send out long term. Probably have groundwater issues from the military base. The School District has good records we should be able to get from them if we can get access.
  • The budget: assumes not getting anything from general funds but we do need water but don’t want to burden the space. We do need to meter the water use so we don’t hit the city thresholds for commercial use. Test drainage creek before considering use in the garden. Future roof consider a supplement to the garden for water collection. Keep options open and discuss barriers.
  • Plan to mark water and gas lines once board decision is final in the garden plot map.