March 18 2021 - Quarterly Meeting

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Board Members Present

  • JaiPal Chauhan, President
  • Paula Pankratz, Vice-President
  • Beverly Schellenger, Treasurer
  • Patrick Hutchison, Secretary
  • Scott Sullivan, At Large
  • Tom Bloom, At Large
  • David Springs, Immediate Past President


  • x Terrence Laurendine, At Large
  • x Doug Wilson, At Large

Members Present

(List taken mostly from the Participants box on Zoom)

  • Joe Pajor
  • James Lancaster
  • Charles White
  • Gene White
  • Roy Lyon
  • Mike Barushok
  • Karissa Pankratz
  • Aaron Rivers
  • Douglas Cash
  • “Maker”
  • LaDeana Dockery
  • Steve Owens
  • Aaron W
  • Jeremiah Burian
  • Rustin Atkeisson
  • Sean Sandefur

Agenda and Notes

This meeting was recorded and is filed in the folder on the Google Drive for those with a MakeICT email address and there is a public link for folks who were unable to attend.

  • Notes
    • Membership is UP.
    • Status with KS Secretary of State is now filed and we are in good standing.
  • Landscape Proposal
    • Have plans created by Karissa Pankratz and will hang them up in the Welcome Center to gather feedback from the membership.
    • Will take feedback from the membership for 30 days, then maybe an online poll to finalize feedback.
    • The plan is a 5-20 year plan. The urgent motivation is the fire road requirement from the city, looking at options. We haven’t been contacted by the City, and there weren’t any notes about it in our Certificate of Occupancy, but it was part of our PUD.
    • Good discussion was had, particularly about water management and green roof ideas.
  • Q&A
    • What about street signs / sign by the street?
      • We got more traction at the old location with online presence than the sign says David S.
      • There are restrictions / rules from the city that have to be followed that complicate / cost quite a bit.
      • From the PUD:
        • 7. Signage: Signage shall be restricted per the standards of the "CBD" Central Business District. One off-site sign may be permitted, provided it meets the locational requirements of the Sign Code.
      • We have had a couple of folks who have stopped in because they saw something happening at the building and it was their elementary school, which is cool.
    • We might want to put flags on the flag pole?
      • Wichita City Flag
      • Make ICT Flag
      • State / US Flag (would need to understand and follow rules)
    • Would we get some revenue if we had a cell tower on the property?
      • The district used to have a microwave network tower on the property.
    • What’s our plan for parking lot lighting?
      • We’ve got lights on the building. But what about if we add a parking lot or new sidewalks per the landscaping plan?
      • There’s code requirements to review. Karissa will check.