March 28 2021 Garden Committee

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Garden notes 3-28-21

Attendance: Aaron Rivers -- Chair, in person Mike Barushok, in person Scott Sullivan, in person Shaun Sigley, in person Melanie Jenney, online Dean Day, online

Aaron met with Master gardener onsite Friday (3-26-21) Soil is heavy clay. Now is not time to get with schools. Need to think about budget items: Raised beds Compost Water spigot

Aaron proposes that of 70X120 foot area, 20-30 foot along length, adjacent to sidewalk, place raised beds. Better control of soil makeup. Typically many people show up to plant, a few do routine maintenance, then planters come back to harvest.

Mike mentioned farmers with spoiled hay may donate if we can haul.

Aaron has plumber that would do labor to install yard hydrant. Probable $600 expense

Old bars over windows 16 pieces of 12 foot segments can be used for fencing. Also some t-posts are available. Put fence where sidewalk is inside the space fenced off.

Mike will get with James Lancaster about all structures and paved areas that formerly used to exist on the site.

Tilling probably needs to be done after compost is available, but planting season is upon us, so by May 1st would be ideal.

Samples were taken and sent in, but results will probably take three weeks.

Scott got 1300 pounds of compost/manure for $18. So, 10 tons with a delivery charge may be doable. Seed starting may be possible in Ceramics area, on top of bookshelves.

Dean offering some slips for potatoe/sweet potatoes

Some discussion of how many bales can be hauled on F250

Call ourselves MakeICT COG (Community Organic Garden).

IF all ducks line up, we may be ready to go in about a week.