March 7 2016

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Meeting Minutes

  • Women Who Code Wichita collaboration - need to formally approve
  • BD education money
    • Things this could/would be used for:
      • Pizza/other food to "bribe" mentors
    • Issues:
      • Bookkeeping
      • Setting a precedent that dissuades volunteers from teaching cert classes
  • BD appointment terms
    • Would give BDs an opportunity to step down without feeling like they're quitting
    • BDs cycles should be offset from Board terms
    • BDs could still step down earlier if desired or necessary
  • Kids in the makerspace
    • Are kids' activities on Maker Monday's a place that is okay to leave your child while you take a tour?
    • All guests are supposed to be supervised by the keyed member at all times
    • Kids should not be unattended at any time
    • Should stress that members are responsible for their own guests
    • Dominic will respond to the thread on behalf of the board
      • @TODO (Dominic, no date): Respond to the 'Bringing kids to the MakerSpace...' forum thread.
  • Mindstorms Courses
    • Tom brought in two.
    • Girl Scouts have offered more.
      • Are we going to plan to develop robots to run the courses using some of the Mind Storm kits we have?
      • Concern: Where would we store the courses.
      • Can look into it.
  • Logo:
    • Option 1: Full robot
      • 3 Votes (Initial)
      • Think this option pigeon holes us
      • Don't like the hands being so large
      • Seems too masculine
      • Too similar to the the Make robot
      • Like the representation of power brought by the large hands
    • Option 2: Robot head
      • 3 Votes (Initial)
      • Like this option because it seems the most original
      • Different shapes would be good
      • Head is neutral (gender wise)
      • Like the typography
    • Option 3: Full text logo
      • 3 Votes (Initial)
      • Not easily readable
      • Doesn't do enough to differentiate us from Make
    • Possibly have a type only option, regardless of what we pick
    • Icons are still a possibility with any of the options.
    • Concerns with all options:
      • Collaboration
    • General Consensus: Option 2 is the most agreed upon.

Upcoming things

Decision Summary

    Task Summary