March 7 2021 Garden Committee

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Meeting began at 7:02 PM

Attendees: Aaron Rivers Shaun Sigley Sean Whalen Malissa Long Amber Noah

Arron- Will vote on offices and committee members next week Arron as Lead, Shaun as vice-lead, Mike, Dean, and Malissa as committee members unless someone else steps up.

Aaron- Stake off area for future garden and raised bed, liability insurance cost, purchase water meter, to keep water use.

Mike- Board Proposal name of committee, members, scope of committee, resources we are requesting, grounds marked out, use of water, storage inside the building , and resources needed. Specify plot renta to members and nonmembers, provide to MakeICT classes, volunteer opportunities, and excess harvest if available.

Communal area available to community members. Sign up, pay membership, do we want to make those decisions now.

Malissa- use KISS principle and see where it grows Sean- use students, don’t over plan,

Dean- get plants in Ground KISS

Sean- metering used against us Malissa- good judge of what to charge for plots

Amber- is there a well? No

Amber- lasagna garden, salad garden, other ideas that the community is interested in.

Aaron- modest goals with member input.

No fence until we have materials and manpower.

Responsible for garden area even if we don’t plant.

Wish list adding compost, worm beds, chickens goats, rain barrels, well and windmill. Probably hold off on any animals, initially keep it simple.

Local organization called Nudge, Sean will check into. Does composting.

Round up meeting, Mike will update wiki. Xeriscaping demonstration if we can control bermuda grass. Sean has opened communications with Sedgwick County extension service. Soil test needed once tilled.

Meeting closed at 8:00 PM