Board Meeting 2022-05-19

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Board Members

  • James Lancaster, Secretary
  • Jai Chauhan, President
  • Rustin Atkeisson, Vice-President
  • David Hanson, At-Large
  • Doug Wilson, At-Large
  • Aaron Rivers, At-Large


  • Beverly Schellenger, Treasurer
  • Anna DiSalvo, At-Large


  • Brad Cozine
  • Ethan Doak
  • Patrick Hutchison
  • Michael Atherton
  • Susan De Witt
  • LaDeana Dockery
  • Mike Barushok
  • Kimdao Ward
  • Steve Owens

Standing Items

  • Thanks & Recognition
    • Michael Atherton, Steve Owens, and Roy Lyon for installing the AC in the jewelry area
    • Brad Cozine, LaDeana Dockery, and Kimdao Nguyen for all of their efforts with MakerFest
    • Malissa Long for all of the work she’s done
    • Steve Owens for donation to the Letterpress area.
    • Abel and Jeremiah Wood for all their help knocking out items off the metalshop to do list
    • Sherry Ibrahim and Jessica Conger for erecting the wire hoop in the garden (future trellis walkway)
    • Dave Miller and Sherry Ibrahim for getting the dust collector sorted and cleaned in the woodshop
    • John Withers for helping to move things out of the hallway and into the Woodshop

Old Business

COVID Mask Policy Discussion / Update - All

Name alignment between various locations - Jai

Election Committee

  • Expanding Membership
    • Need a date for the election before they can announce the election
    • Date for annual meeting
      • Date set for June 18, 2022, 5pm following the Annual Meeting from 3 to 5 PM
    • Question about 30 days:
      • To quote current standing rules: (
        • All members will go through a 30 day probationary period before they gain voting rights. During that period, new members are encouraged to integrate themselves into the community through attending Maker Mondays, volunteering on projects at MakeICT, attending and/or assisting with workshops, and/or joining in the chatter on the forums.

Membership will lapse after 30 days of nonpayment. Membership and voting rights will be suspended after 3 months of non-payment. To re-instate membership, pay dues for the upcoming month.

    • To add people to the election committee new applicants can be appointed by the chair (or secretary) to the board and after 2 days they are added to the committee if there is no objection. from any board member.
      • James motions, Doug seconds
        • Vote by acclamation

@DECISION: Members may be added with 2 days notice and no objection by any board member to the election committee

Makerfest June 11th, 2022

  • last open house had 167 people say they were going/interested, had 150 show up
  • currently have 203 saying going/interested with 3 weeks to go
  • starting to get people registered on wild apricot
  • pretty strong support with:
    • Ethan Doak, Sarah Denton, Kimdao Nguyen, and Michael Atherton
    • Brad Cozine leading
  • 10 vendors are currently paid, 10 pending
  • thinks currently there is an appropriate balance between number of attendees and vendors
  • would like to see this event grow to more vendors and attendees in future events
  • have coordinated with the city and parks to figure out, will have to pay 5 days before.
  • will have a woman from the department of revenue come down before the event to help them with their sales tax (potentially have regular classes here during the year on handling sales taxes)
  • no food trucks, will most likely be cooked out on the veranda in the garden (we are looking into food handlers license)
  • alcohol will not be sold or provided by MakeICT for this event since we did not specify that in the event application to the city
    • Does not interfere with the current alcohol policy
  • for future reference: will need to know how much of our frontage along Mt. Vernon was rocked for parking (currently have the okay to park on the grass for this event)
  • we were given a list of vendors from the kechi farmers market to possibly bring out to

Revise Committee Policy - James

@DECISION: Committee policy accepted

  • David would like clarification to the September election, will bring it to the next board meeting.

{{Todo|David committee policy update}

Classroom Policy update -- James and LaDeana


  • Access Policies
    • Printmaking/Screenprinting - Done
    • Woodshop - Done
    • Metalshop - Done
    • Ceramics - Done, no changes
    • FabLab
      • Talked with lead, will revise as of this moment, not recieved
    • Electronics
      • None
    • Textiles
      • None
    • Jewelry Motion to vote on the Vote by acclamation No objections @DECISION: Jewelry Access policy approved

=Gallery Committee Question on the Taxes, not enough

New Business

Treasurer’s Report - Bev

  • Motion: Events committee should be allocated as a budget for future events their net income from MakerMay up to $500 for future events, any above that will be allocated to the general fund.
  • Y: 4: A; 1 N: 0 NV: 1

@DECISION: Events committee will retain up to $500 for future events, to get it started

  • Motion: Spend up to $1500 on a cabbing machine for Jewelry
  • (Current one has issues, and this will be more capable.)
  • Y: 5 N:0 A: 0 NV:1

@DECISION: Spend up to 1500 on a cabbing machine for Jewelry

AV Committee request - LaDeana

Annual Meeting Date

  • Needs to be set to some time in June
    • Board Switch over on June30/July 1
    • Board Meeting 16th
    • Set for June 18th, 3PM - 5PM

Area Reports

  • Refer to 5 pages of Leads Meeting notes from 5/9/22 for updates

Committee Reports

Awards Committee & Donor Wall - Jai

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

  • Did not meet. No next meeting set.

Classroom Management Committee - LaDeana Dockery

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd and 4th Tuesday @ 8pm)
  • Most already discussed with MakerFest

Communications - Brad Cozine

Events Committee - X

  • See above (Classroom Management Committee)

Facilities Committee - Saga Romig

  • On Calendar Tuesday 6:30
  • Installing 2 more AC units, metalshop cold shop is done.

Finance Committee - Dan Kries

  • 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 (Is this correct? - schedule dependent, may change)

Forge Committee - James Seymour/Mike Atherton

  • No meeting on calendar
  • Last project: Belt Grinder
    • Grinder Done
      • Motion to dissolve committee by Rustin: second by Doug
        • Y: 5, N: 0, A: 0, NV: 1

@DECISION: Forge Committee has finished all of it’s projects and is dissolved.

Fundraising - Ethan Doak

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd Thursday @ 7pm)
  • Some discussion happened about working with a professional fundraiser, Ethan will schedule a meeting. Please let him know if you would like to be involved in.
  • We would like to develop a set of standards for an area, or committee who desires to hold a raffle.

Letterpress - David

  • Has power and runs
  • Should be able to work in a few weeks.
  • Rollers did fit

Lounge/Breakroom - David Mendoza

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

  • Suggested to see if people want to take over this.

Garden - Sean Sandefur

  • Rented some plots, people are planting, coming up on June 1 planting deadline.
  • Created project for a Farmbot: Ethan and Brad
  • Erected a vining arch
  • Accidentally left the water on
  • Working on access policy once Sean returns
  • Thank Wes for bringing his tractor to do more tilling and moving the last concrete block
  • Jay Christianson has donated some furniture and is trying to get a paver path going
  • Area by south door is going to be a ‘pollinator garden’ aka flower garden
  • Requesting additional funds for actual solarizing plastics and future greenhouse
    • $420 - Asking for 50%
    • Greenhouse will require permits
      • Motion to allocate the funding ($210)

Y: 5 N: 0 A: 0 NV: 1 @DECISION: Allocate funds to purchase a UV resistant plastic cover for solarizing the garden.

IT - Tom Bloom

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

Inventory - Anna DiSalvo/Wallis Mead

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd Wednesday @ 6pm)

Membership (and Community Outreach) - Jai

Membership as of 2021-04-14: 467 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2021-04-21: 466 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2021-05-12: 462 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2021-05-12: 466 (plus 2 donors)

Outreach (and Education) - LaDeana Dockery

  • See Classroom above.

Scholarships - x

  • Per July decision will be handled by Finance.

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman/David Springs

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 4th Monday @ 6pm)
  • Nothing new to report
  • Fire extinguishers need to be checked (has been being done) and recorded (hasn’t been)
  • AED needs a new battery and possibly need new pads. $150 should cover everything
    • Under $500 so motion not required.

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - x

  • See Events

Welcome Center - Angel

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

Other Items Discussed

Past Events

  • Curtis outreach event

Upcoming Events

  • Maker Monday
    • 2nd and 4th Mondays
  • Member Orientation
  • Annual Meeting

June 19th

Decision Summary

    Task Summary