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  • Be excellent to each other
  • Illegal activity is forbidden
  • Share the workspace, tools, supplies, and knowledge
  • Pickup after yourself by cleaning the workspace and putting away tools
  • Get training on tools before using them
  • Make safely (do not be on fire!)


To become a member, attend an open house or sign up online

Minors are allowed to become members, but require sponsorship by an adult. A parent or legal guardian must co-sign the minor's membership application and release of liability. Minors under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult whenever at the space. Keys are available to members over the age of 16, following the key policy.

Cost of membership is $25/month, although scholarships are available upon request.

All members will go through a 30 day probationary period before they gain voting rights. During that period, new members are encouraged to integrate themselves into the community through attending Maker Mondays, volunteering on projects at MakeICT, attending and/or assisting with workshops, and/or joining in the chatter on the forums.

Membership will lapse after 30 days of nonpayment. Membership and voting rights will be suspended after 3 months of non-payment. To re-instate membership, pay dues for the upcoming month.

Membership Meetings

  • MakeICT shall have regular meetings of the membership every September, December, and March, in addition to the Annual Meeting.
  • Meetings shall be scheduled and announced by the Board of Directors, not less than two weeks before the meeting.
  • Announcements of the meeting shall be posted in all customary physical and electronic locations.
  • The meetings shall include short reports on what MakeICT has been doing through its various programs and address any issues that need to be addressed.

Standing rules amended at the 2018 Annual Meeting

Temporary standing rule adopted at 18 April 2019 Board Meeting (expired June 1, 2019)

A member meeting may be called by Jens Torell (the building committee lead) and 3 members of the board in April or May 2019.

This shall cease to be a standing rule after June 1, 2019.

Standing rules amended at the April_18_2019


Refer to Category:Rules and policies for all policies. The following policies are referred to frequently and applicable to all members.

Covid Policy

  • MakeICT has no requirement to wear masks. However, MakeICT reserves the right to require mask wearing during indoor scheduled group activities at the discretion of the activity organizer with advance notice.

Approved by the board 20 January 2022, Changed on 17 February 2022, Changed on 17 March 2022

Building Access Policy

  • No person may occupy the MakeICT Makerspace building outside of officially posted event times except for the following:
    • Members in good standing who are in possession of a key to the makerspace that has been granted in accordance with the key policy.
    • Guests of members with keys, as described in the guest policy.
  • All members and guests must obey all standing rules and policies.
  • All members and guests must have a signed waiver on file before using any equipment in the makerspace, and must have the appropriate authorizations for any equipment that requires authorization, as specified in each area access policy.
  • No sleeping/living on the property (occasional naps are okay)
  • People who have been told to leave the property by security or board member (both of whom shall constitute authorized persons for K.S.A. 21-5808(a)(1)(A)) and people who have had keys revoked, may only be present on the property as guests of security officers or board members.
  • All art, signs, etc. must be approved by the appropriate lead, committee, or board. All space not allocated to a specific area belongs to Facilities.

Approved by the board 19 April 2018, modified on 3 May 2018, December 19 2019, April 20 2023,, and August 17 2023.

Badge Policy

  • All members and guests must visibly wear an ID issued by MakeICT while in the makerspace.
    • Members with keys must wear their photo ID badge.
    • Temporary IDs will be issued to guests, event participants, and members who do not have one.
  • Photo ID Badges will be issued to members once they have completed the requirements for obtaining a key to the building.
  • Photo ID Badges may be issued to members without keys, but must be visually distinct from the keyed member badges
  • Photo ID Badges may be issued to frequent guests, but must be visually distinct from member badges, and have the name(s) of the sponsoring member(s) printed on them.

Approved by the board 19 April 2018

Guest Policy

  • Members with keys may bring guests into the MakeICT Makerspace in accordance with the Building Access Policy.
  • Guests must sign-in and wear a guest ID.
  • Any person who is not a member with a key must be the guest of a member with a key to occupy the MakeICT Makerspace outside of officially posted event times.
    • This includes members who have not yet received their key, have lost their key, or, for any reason, do not have a key upon arrival at the makerspace.
  • Members are responsible for their guests and their actions.
  • Guests must be directly supervised by a member in the same room at all times while in the MakeICT Makerspace.
    • Guests may be handed off to another member by mutual agreement.
    • Trips to the Restroom are exempt from this requirement.
  • Guests are strongly encouraged to become members and obtain a key.
  • Members with keys may bring up to 3 guests to the MakeICT Makerspace.
    • Four guests or more may require a reservation in accordance with published rules / access policies for each area.
    • Members may charge for services rendered at the Makerspace, but may not charge a fee for access.
  • The host member is responsible/liable for the actions and consequences of their guests, and all guests must follow all current MakeICT policies and rules.
  • Guests must complete appropriate training by an authorized instructor before use of restricted equipment.

Approved by the board 30 May 2017, amended at the 2018 Annual Meeting, amended by the board 27 July 2020, 17 November 2022, 18 May 2023.

Classroom Reservation and Rental Policy

Purpose Statement:  Classrooms are a valuable asset to our membership, providing space to work on projects, share skills, teach others, and generally accomplish our mission of learning and building community.  In addition to making these spaces available to our membership, and in alignment with our mission, it is our goal to make this space available to the community at large so like minded individuals and organizations who share in our mission can engage and build community with us.

  • Classrooms are available for reservation or rent to MakeICT members and non-members.
  • Members may reserve rooms for meetings and gatherings with other members at no charge with 8 days advance notice.

Members may reserve regular classrooms for a cost of $25/hour or competitive rate with at least 8 days notice if the ratio exceeds 3 guests per member.

  • Groups may apply to the Classroom Management Committee at least 8 days in to request adjustment of fees, and may petition the board of directors if the Classroom Management Committee declines.
  • Room Reservations will be posted on the online room reservation calendar.
  • Room Reservations must be accommodated by the membership. If a room is reserved in accordance with this policy then the room is for the exclusive use of the renting party for the period they have reserved it.
  • Rooms which are not reserved are always available for the use of MakeICT members so long as their activity does not impinge on the rooms use by others.

Adopted by BOD 25 July 2020. Policy update adopted by board July_21st_2022

Key Policy

Keys are handled by the Security Team who can be contacted at

A key that grants 24/7 access to the MakeICT Makerspace can be obtained, at the discretion of the Security Group, by members who meet the following criteria:

Obtaining a key

  1. Participate in a New Member Orientation and be an active member in good standing with MakeICT and all of its programs.
  2. Become part of the community by completing a Key Application Form that includes the following:
    • A few multiple-choice and short answer questions to learn more about you.
    • 6 signature fields to meet some members of our community:
      • 2 board members or program directors
      • 2 area leads, assistant area leads, or committee leads
      • 2 active keyed members
    • Signers will get acquainted with you by asking you questions about yourself.
    • Some rules that you must adhere to including but not limited to:
  3. Contact the Security Team and submit your Key Application Form to request a key.
    • Security Officers will ask you questions to become acquainted with you, similar to when you received your signatures.

Having a key

  • Each member who retains a key and access to the space must have a completed Key Application Form on file.

Losing a key

  • A lost key must be reported immediately so that it can be deactivated. If the key is found later, it can be reactivated.
  • Replacement keys are $5.00.
Revoking key access
  • The following events may result in forfeiture of your key:
    • Loaning your key to any other person.
    • Duplicating your key without authorization.
    • Disobeying any policy set by MakeICT or any of its programs.
  • Any active Security Officer may deactivate a key of a member and must immediately notify the Lead Security Officer.
  • In the event a key is revoked, Lead Security Officer shall notify the appropriate member, the Makerspace Area Leads, and the Board of Directors of the reason by phone or E-mail within 48 hours.
Regaining key access
  • If a member's key is revoked, they can request another one by filling out another Key Application Form and submitting it to the Board of Directors.

Special cases


Initial policy approved by the board on January 2, 2017. Additions to the policy were approved on May 30 2017, October 16 2017, and May 21 2018.


Committees are voluntary groups, formed in order to operate and maintain aspects of MakeICT, subject to the oversight of the Board of Directors.  Areas are committees with physical space.

The two types of committees are

  • Standing Committees, which are formed by the board and are ongoing
  • Ad Hoc Committees, which are formed by the board to do a specific task and serve for a defined amount of time

Committees are formed as described below. The board may approve, modify and approve, or deny the request to form a committee. If approved, the board may assign resources to the newly formed committee which may include:

  • Physical space, in which case it becomes an area
  • Inventory
  • Budget

Committee Formation

  1. At least 5 members are required to submit a request to form a committee by adding the request to the next monthly board agenda. This request includes:
    • name of the committee
    • description of what it does
    • names of all committee members
    • recommended lead
  2. Committees may also be formed directly by the board of directors.
  3. Ad-hoc committees for events can be formed for specific events, either by the events committee or board of directors.
  4. There is no limit to the number of committees a member can be in/on.

Committee Leadership

  1. Each committee shall select by vote a recommended lead and shall vote for a lead prior to the September board meeting each year, so that the recommendation may be presented to the board. The board shall appoint the lead for each committee, taking into consideration the recommendation of the committee.
  2. The lead, once appointed by the board, shall appoint an assistant lead.
  3. Duties of the lead:
    • Recruiting committee members, and organizing volunteer activities needed to operate and maintain the assigned resources
    • Taking responsibility for operations of the area/committee, providing reports on the status and activities of the committee at the monthly board of directors meeting, and managing the finances of the committee. This will include reviewing financial transactions attributed to their committee and working with the treasurer or accountant to correct any errors
    • Maintaining the safety of the committee area, including ensuring the safe operation of all tooling
    • Maintaining good order of committee area and/or resources, ensuring adequate supplies of consumable items are maintained.
    • Enforcing the rules established by the committee, and of MakeICT within their area.
    • Maintain an accurate inventory of all tools and equipment, in the format provided by the board.
  4. Duties of the assistant lead:
    • Assist the lead, as determined by the lead or by the committee at large.
    • Provide oversight and supervision of the resources when the lead is not present.
    • Serve as interim lead when:
      • The lead is not available due to vacation or illness
      • The lead resigned or been removed by the board

Area/Committee Responsibilities and Rules

  1. Areas/Committees shall either A) hold regular meetings which must be on the public calendar each month, and may be online and/or in person, or B) communicate in the forum in a way accessible to members.
    • Exceptions to the communication accessible to members shall be the security and IT committees, if considered needed. Otherwise discussion shall be accessible.
    • Any committee taking reports of misconduct shall keep that report confidential as per policy, but may be shared as appropriate to policy. (Examples: To the board, security or IT as required.)
  2. Members shall be considered:
    • Those people who have attended a meeting (if held) within the past 3 months, unless otherwise requested to not be so considered.
    • Those who have participated in an open forum and requested to be considered part of the committee, unless the lead and assistant lead both object, in which case the person can request the board review it.
    • Committees must maintain 5 members.
  3. Purchasing
  4. Contracts or other agreements
    • Any contracts or other agreements must be presented to the board of directors for approval and approved prior to any agreement.
  5. Committees are responsible for establishing the rules of the committee’s responsibility.
  6. The lead/vice-lead shall be empowered to enforce the rules of the committee, and of MakeICT within the committee area/resources, and may limit access to the committee area for a time not to exceed the last day of the subsequent month. The lead may petition the security lead or board of directors to enforce a longer or more stringent consequence.
  7. Committee meetings must be posted on the calendar and announced on the forums. Meetings to select a lead recommendation shall be published a minimum of 5 days in advance.
  8. The lead may hold an emergency meeting with 5 days’ notice on the forums of MakeICT, and on signs conspicuously posted in the committee area, provided a good faith effort to notify all current committee members is performed, and that the time of the meeting is not unreasonably restrictive on the members.
  9. Ad hoc positions with spending authority, or administrative access to MakeICT resources, require the approval of the board.
  10. Each committee will need to maintain a page on the wiki with at least the following information:
    • The name of the committee lead
    • The name of the committee assistant lead
    • Meeting notes
    • A list of all active members
    • A brief statement listing the goals or tasks assigned to the committee
    • Links to any available owner’s manuals or technical information for all committee equipment
    • If an area, area and equipment access policies will be approved by the board of directors. Access policies and reasons for said policies will be submitted to the membership for review 7 days prior to taking effect.
    • Any new rules made by the committee for specific committee resources


  1. Failure to follow the rules and responsibilities will trigger a review at the next board meeting. If the issues are not rectified at or before the board meeting 2 months following that one, the committee will be brought up at the board meeting to be dissolved or changes made. The board can specifically make exceptions.
  2. When a committee is dissolved by a vote of the board, all monetary assets will return to the general fund of the makerspace. Any physical assets of the committee can be requested by another committee in writing prior to the next month’s board meeting, any physical assets not requested by the next month’s board meeting by another committee can be disposed of with the written approval of at least 3 board members.

Approved by the board on October 17, 2019 updated on May 19, 2022 and December 15, 2022