May 4 2015

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Governance Committee (Dom)

  • New member orientation (Mike/Dom) (working document)
    • How often do we do these?
    • @DECISION: New member orientation held 1st Open Hack of each month: 7:10 - orientation, 7:30 - tour
    • Who runs these?
    • Process for the first month:
      • 1. Pay dues
      • 2. Attend orientation (and sign waiver)
      • 3. Apply for key
    • @TODO (John, June 1): List the new member process on the web site
  • Deadline for comments for Machine Access/BD policy before approval
    • @TODO (Board, May 18): Review and comment on Machine Access/BD policy before next board meeting
    • @TODO (Board, May 18): Vote on Machine Access/BD policy next board meeting
  • Volunteer coordinator?
    • @TODO (Dom, May 18): Will send his volunteer contact information to April
  • Install safety sultan (Clark Shultz)
    • @TODO (Dom, May 18): Send safety sultan email to Mike Hutton to forward to Clark Shultz

Communications Hive (John)

Social media stats
Count Change
Facebook 1169 +61
Twitter 791 +101
Meetup 159 +24
  • The Wiki is for anyone to enter information without approval
    • WiKi pages for members is an exceptable use
  • Update Board Member information, this can include BDs and other important people
    • @TODO (John, June 15): What is the process to update the Board Member page?
  • Douglas Design District branding uploaded to MakeICT Drive
  • Some discussion of standing up the new website when the new logo is ready
    • With the possible re-branding of MakeICT, talk of changing the name of "Open Hack" night
      • @TODO (Everyone who is interested, May 18): Come up with a new name for "Open Hack" night
      • @TODO (Mike, May 18): Forum item for "Come up with a new name for "Open Hack" night"

Finances and Fundraising Task Force (Jens)

Balance Change
Member count 105 +33
  • ArtDOG
    • $1,830.91 total
    • April has thank-you's to distribute
    • Board needs to designate how the funds raised will be used
      • @DECISION: Money raised from ArtDog will go to Studio Arts
      • @DECISION: $1025 of the ArtDOG money go to the gallery wall
  • Members voted on MakeICT fee increase to $25/month from $10/month
    • Only 25% of members are required for a vote, over 50% voted on increase of membership fees
    • Fee increase passed (91.89%): 37 members voted - 34 YES, 3 NO
      • @TODO (Mike D, Jun 15): Document on creating surveys with Survey Monkey
        • Lessons learned, places to edit survey, end of survey date, access to member list
  • WildApricot
    • Fee increasing to $70/month in Sept
    • We can lock in $50/month by paying 2 years at once
    • Are we happy with it? Should we lock in the price?
      • @TODO (Jens, June 15): Start Wiki page on dates for decisions like WA see Voting Results
      • @TODO (Jens, June 1): Use MakeICT account to pay WA (currently using Tom's)
      • @TODO (Jens, 8/2015): Bring up replacement for WA in August
  • Trash Service
    • Any concerns with dumpster placement, cost, etc?
    • @DECISION: Smallest dumpster available
    • Applying for grant through Waste Management
  • Current Equipment Budget here

Remote Events and Outreach Gaggle (Barb)

  • RiverFest
  • McLean STEM night
    • Brushbots were wildly popular
  • Maker Faire is moving forward. We expect a meeting with Make Mag to confirm OK use of the name toward the end of the week
  • Derby Coding club is moving forward. Working with Finn on it. It would be nice to be able to use the Ultimaker II with them if it is working.
    • Yes it is

Special Projects Brigade (Mike)

  • Let's bring the bus home! (Dom)
  • Proposal for project approval (Dom)
    • 1. Genesis of idea
    • 2. Recruitment of members
    • 3. Creation of proposal, which should at least include:
      • Purpose of the project
      • Members involved
      • Budget
    • 4. Presentation of proposal to board of directors; if approved
    • 5. Allocation of funds and work on project


Makerspace (Tom)

  • Floor Plan Developments PDF
  • Emergency plans
    • Exit pathways
      • @TODO (Dom, May 5): Post Storm map
    • @DECISION: Discuss the Storm map and point out the location during new member orientation
  • Wearables Workshop with Lisa Rundstrom?

devICT (Seth)

  • No topics

Community Updates

  • No updates


  • 9 May 2015 - Basic Electronics
  • 29 May - June 6 2015 - RiverFest
  • 13 June - 2nd Saturday - Wearables - Tom, Barb, Mike (and Lisa R?)
  • 27-28 June - KC Maker Faire
  • 11 July - 2nd Saturday - ??????
  • 18 July - Wichita Mini Maker Faire
  • (tentative) - 2nd Saturday - Robot sumo
    • Need to order parts
    • Couple of months lead time


Decision Summary

    Task Summary