November 14 2022

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Original Minutes on Google Drive

Leads Meeting 11-14-2022


  • Patrick Hutchison
  • Rustin Atkeisson
  • Steve Saner
  • Aaron Rivers
  • John Nicholas
  • James Lancaster
  • Sherry Ibrahim
  • Scott Sullivan
  • David Springs
  • Ben Rogers
  • Ernie Kind
  • Dean Day


  • Jesse Schlenker


  • Kim Nguyen - other commitment
  • Mike Atherton - other commitment
  • James Seymour - weather
  • Malissa Long - another meeting
  • Tom Bloom
  • LaDeana Dockery
  • Joe Birzer
  • Sean Sandefur
  • Dan Kreis
  • Doug Wilson
  • Ethan Doak
  • Steve Owens

Area Updates

Ceramics - Patrick H / Scott S

  • Ornament Fundraiser Event Thingy
  • Class / Scott
  • Dip Glaze
  • Gaye / Maddie - Firing queens
  • Reclaim folks have been kicking it
  • Inventory is done.  🙂

Electronics - James S

  • Electronics lab is stable and the time displacement field is not yet operational. It’s making a cotton candy smell. James L is looking into it.
  • Seriously there isn’t much to report. Just the normal appearance of printers and random components.

Fab Lab - Steve S (Asst. Christian K.)

  • Nothing new.

Garden - Sean S (Sherry)

  • Next meeting Sunday December 11 at 10am to discuss winter plans.
  • Winter peas growing in 3 communal beds to help rejuvenate the soil with the help of Kim Burton’s middle school students.
  • May do some stuff over the winter, but will very likely start work earlier next week.
  • Have a separate google calendar set up for garden-related community events.  If you have things to add let Sherry know.

IT - (James)

  • Working on computer lab, need to get some equipment to finally set it up, plus do some setups, cost for minimum working setup seems like it should be somewhere around $200.
  • Some work on other systems, like the MCP.
  • Note: hitting Fwd to anything from the forum is effectively the same as hitting Reply All

Jewelry - Mike A

  • Have possible more donations coming in of a vulcanizer for mold making and vacuum casting setup for safer casting of jewelry. Not definitive but if it happens it’ll be in the coming month or two.
  • Needing to confirm what is MakeICTs and what’s on loan to do a purge of old/redundant equipment.

Letterpress - David S

  • Have had two authorization classes!!!!!
  • Working on Kelsey hand press.  Will be casting the urethane rollers this week.  Then will have classes set up for that.
  • Have 7 folks authorized to use the paper shear.

Metal Shop - Rustin A (Asst. John Miranda, Jimmy Tennant)

  • Still working on the CNC plasma cutter.  Getting close to being done with the new guts.
  • Had a mess left in the hot shop Friday afternoon as well as a window left open.

Security - (David, no assistant yet)

  • Playing around with a new idea for security cameras: turn cell phones into security cameras to reduce the cost to get more cameras in the building.
  • If you have a trouble area / specific area in your area that you think needs a security camera please contact David.
  • Will be putting up some new signs to prohibit parking at the west doors.  Should be used for loading only.
  • Will also be putting up a sign at the main entrance to remind folks to badge in when they come to the building, even if somebody else holds the door open for you.
  • Have had a few folks come in the building who were not supposed to.  If you have a question, please contact Security.
  • Already have a couple to play with, but are on the hunt for more cellphones to setup as well as work with IT to figure out how much bandwidth is available for this kind of project.

Visual Arts - Kim N.

  • Photography Darkroom material taken in, cataloging/inventory started. Need to get with facilities about building an enclosed space for the equipment and reach out to the member base with experience in dark rooms to get a consensus on the best way to stage components to streamline the process and save space.
  • Some paint holders and paints are in, paints stocked. Easels need to be built and supplies better organized. WIP
  • Printer for art prints in room, waiting to get further into organization before selecting a permanent location for setup.

Woodshop - Aaron R (Asst Lead, John Nicholas)

  • Working on wrapping up a couple of big projects including compressor, air cleaners and dust collector.  Have secured 15% off from Wynn filters.  Will be preparing a price and making a donation to bring to finance to see about getting what he thinks he needs.
  • Will be working on a todo list for the shop.
  • Will be working with Jesse S on transition for next year.
  • John has the lathe authorization class up and going.  Have had 11 folks authorized.  Will be doing monthly going forward, more often if needed. John / Aaron will be working on a procedure to authorize folks who have previously taken one of the lathe classes, most likely a ‘test out’ sort of situation with John.
  • John has the check for the donation from the SCKW!  Will be applying for another grant for next year.  SCKW is also working to finish getting their 501(c)(3) and will do more grant work themselves which will have a positive impact on the Makerspace as well with more classes, etc..  

Textiles - Malissa L

  • Nothing to report in Textiles.

Gallery - Ernie K

  • Gallery wall has been sanded (by Jay Christianson), ready to be painted.
  • Ernie should be available more in a couple weeks to focus on the gallery.
  • Dec 3rd - Malissa will have some outfits to show, anyone else with a project they would like to display should contact Ernie.

Areas Not Represented / Not Present:

  • Lounge / Breakroom - David M
  • Printmaking - Doug W

Committee Updates

Anti-Discrimination and Harrassment Committee - Sherry I (Asst Jessica)

  • Getting ready to present Code of Conduct at Thursday’s Board meeting. See Sherry if you would like to review it before then, or attend the next meeting tomorrow evening at 7pm.
  • Will be appointing a committee for this.  If you are interested, please contact Sherry.

Awards Committee & Donor Wall - ?

  • These committees were shut down during the last board meeting

Classroom Management Committee - LaDeana D (Rustin)

and Events Committee

and Special Projects (and Makerfaire)

  • Collaborating with Wichita Virtual School.  Will be hosting classes with them once or twice a month starting in January.  They’ll bus kids to the building.  Originally were going to work with GoCreate, but didn’t work out.  If you are interested, please reach out to LaDeana or Malissa to learn more.

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - Sherry I & Malissa L

  • Will be creating a Hashtag group for social media posts for each area. If you have any suggestions please let Communication know.
  • Luke Swearingen’s business FB page made a comment on one of the Toyota posts with an implied threat if we didn’t give him a free membership “for the use of his tools”. He was invited to contact us privately and the comment was hidden from the page.

Facilities Committee - Joe B.

  • Repaired the bathroom toilet next to the security office.
  • Had the heater fan go out in Fablab, River City Mechanical repaired the fan, but now the unit isn’t working and we’re waiting for them to come back out to diagnose the problem.
  • Working on putting motion Sensor switches in the hallway by the admin closet.
  • Bulletin board is up at the entrance for area leads, committee leads, and directors to use.

Finance Committee - Gary Titus (Asst Dan K)

and Scholarships

  • Will meet next monday
  • Our net worth is putting us over the limit for filling out the 990EZ form.

Fundraising - Ethan Doak (LaDeana?)

  • Have 4 grants in the works.

Gallery - Ernie K (Dean D)

  • Trying to get a show going for the 10yr anniversary.
  • Shooting for Nov 30th for a committee meeting.

Inventory - Ben Rogers (James L)

  • Inventory season has started.
  • Please coordinate with Ben to get any items over $50 inventoried that are new or have not been put in the system yet.

Membership (and Community Outreach) - empty position

  • Need more folks to join this committee.
  • Working on new scavenger hunt letters.  Some of the letters have gone missing.

Multimedia - James L (Mike A)

  • Need to complete 10 year video. Will be done by the 3rd, somehow.  If you have cool videos of equipment working or people working on projects that could be included please get in touch with James L.  
  • Will need to complete camera rig. Est < $100 for now.

Outreach (and Education) - LaDeana D

  • x

Other Business Discussed


  • Malissa needs volunteer tasks for December 3 completed so we can get that published tonight. Anyone still needing volunteer help please let me know.
    • Room 4 cleanout prior to event
    • Tours / doors / vendor helpers / un-loading / cleanup
  • Hands on or Make it Take it. I need to know what all is confirmed so we can set them up with vendors. Malissa will be doing Scrunchies for Textiles and it will be next to Malissa’s  booth.
    • They are looking for a 10-15 minute event / project from each area.
  • Vendor application is open: MakeICT - Vendor December 3rd,2022
  • Will be applying for advertising sponsorship via KMUW.
  • There will be a potluck.
  • Need to clean up Room 4 (and the whole building) the week before.
  • If areas have 3-nerd-rule stuff that hasn’t sold, please get with Aaron to include it in the garage sale.  Please be sure that inventory is updated when equipment is removed from your area.
  • If you personally have items, especially tools / equipment, that you would like to contribute to the garage sale please get in touch with Aaron.

Inventory - Rusty

  • If you haven’t already, please get in touch with Ben Rogers to complete / update inventory for your area.  Items over $50 must be included in inventory.

Draft for Area/Committee Lead Signups for 2023:

Tour Guides - Sherry

  • Looking for excited / engaging members to do tours at Member Orientation and Maker Monday’s.  Have had some folks leave the committee who have been carrying the load.  Please reach out to Sherry if you want to give some tours at these regular events.

WCH / Kiln Question - Dean

  • Kim Pendington from Wichita Children's Home reached out.  They have acquired a kiln and don’t know how to use it.

Items to Bring to the Board Meeting

Lead Recruitment - Rustin

  • See above

Budget for 2023 - Rustin

  • Will be approved at the December board meeting.
  • Submit NO LATER than December 8th via email to [[1]]
  • Want it to be month-by-month.  Do NOT include equipment repairs, as those are covered out of the main budget.
  • DO include expected new equipment purchases.
  • For expenses for consumables that you expect to be reimbursed for via donations, such as filament in fab lab or clay in ceramics, DO include your expected monthly spend regardless of expected donations.

Computer Lab

  • request ($200) to get equipment needed to get started (power strips, projector mount, cables. May need more.)