November 15 2018

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Roll Call

Board Members

  • President - Kim Burton
  • Vice President - LaDeana Dockery
  • Treasurer - David Springs
  • Secretary - Ken Steadman
  • At Large Director - Barb Davis (absent)
  • At Large Director - Rustin Atkeisson
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long (late)
  • At Large Director - James Lancaster


Shannon Fisher Patrick Hutchison Scott Sullivan John Withers Dean Day

Standing Items

  • Thanks & recognition
    • Safety for installing outside lights - Josh!
    • Everyone on the firetruck committee for awesomeness
  • Safety and security
    • Still wanting to add one more light towards Douglas
  • Treasurer's report - Tabled, we will have a special budget meeting on Monday December 3
    • Area leads - wait until accounting reports are done to buy equipment. Operations is okay to continue.

New Business

Appoint area leads

  • Woodshop - Doug Wilson
  • Metalshop - Josh Robinson
  • Textiles - Malissa Long
  • Printshop - Marc Lujan
  • Ceramics - Scott Sullivan
  • Jewelry - Dean Day
  • ERP - Vacant
  • Fablab - Vacant
  • Makerspace Director - Vacant

Director job description: The Makerspace director leads the makerspace program and supports the area leads with education, decision-making, goal setting and best practices. The director leads the area lead meetings, assists in day to day program challenges, and reports each month to the board of directors to help MakeICT Institute fulfill our mission.

  • Motion made by David Springs to approve area leads listed in Nov 15, 2018 minutes and elect the remaining positions at a later date.
    • Vote: Approved - 6 in favor, 1 abstained

@DECISION: Approve New Leads per minutes and to appoint Makerspace Director, Fablab, and ERP at a later date.

Upcoming events

  • Next quarterly meeting: Monday December 17, Christmas party (informal quarterly meeting)
  • Tuesday November 27 (7pm to 8pm)- STEM Boy Scout Explorer Post Open House at Spirit Aerosystems HR center

Committee Reports

Requested items from each committee:

  • Accomplishments this month
  • Upcoming goals
  • Where do you need help/how to get involved?
  • Is your wiki page up to date?

IT - Tom Bloom

Membership (and Community outreach) - Shannon Fisher

  • 406 active members
  • James to help Shannon get a report when new members join and enter their interests
  • Kim to start an admin list thread about getting people involved
    • Discussed possibility of a different dues structure for 2019

New Building - Jens Torell

  • Met with real estate agent and formed agreement, with board's support
  • Visited Gateway school, a lease opportunity; evaluating floor plans to determine if it would be an option for us
  • Would like to recommend the board conduct a member survey at the next quarterly meeting with the following questions:
    • How much are you willing to pay for dues at larger space?
    • What parts of Wichita are you willing to travel to if we move?
    • Why do you feel MakeICT should move?
  • Sent out survey about potential areas for a new building and dues increase.
  • Developing decision matrix to compare location options and assist board in making educated decision
  • Kim updated the “donate” page with the building donation link
  • $35 a month club - David, do you know how many are contributing?
    • less then 10 members in Nov

Creator Showroom - Dean Day

November - WSU Sculpture Guild December - TBD

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - LaDeana Dockery

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman

  • Storage policy [1]
    • Need to consider abandoned materials storage costs vs forfeiture
    • David springs moves to approve policy as written, 2nd by Malissa Long
      • Motion Passes, 5 approve, 2 abstained

@DECISION: Storage policy approved on

@DECISION: Amend Gun Policy as written on!topic/administration/Vno6i9dwzrI

New Contest

  • Makers can compete for a $50 MakeICT gift card by creating 10 identical ornaments and submitting them by Sunday Thanksgiving weekend (25th Nov).
    • More info posted around the MakerSpace.

Scholarships- Nick Endicott

Outreach (and Education) - Daryl Goad

Fundraising- Meghan Iacuzzi

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - Nicole Kirkhart

  • Magic wheelchair was awesome
  • Malissa still working on code of conduct
  • Makerfaire
  • 12 week project with Spirit for boy scout explorer post - we will need volunteers and they’d like to come down to MakeICT to build 3d printers. Details in email. Rustin will write up a blurb to put in the newsletter as soon as there’s a start date.

@TODO (Rustin Atkeisson, no date): Create a thread on discourse for the Boy Scout explorer post.

  • Next Meeting Monday Dec 3
  • Motion to adjourn at 8:24 by David Springs, 2nd by Malissa Long
    • Motion Approved, 7 Approve

Decision Summary

    Task Summary