November 2 2021 - Facilities

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Roll Call

Committee Members

  • Roy Lyon
  • Steve Owens
  • Saga Romig
  • Wes Timmerman

Old Business

  • Water entering the tunnels
    • Tunnels currently appear dry though we have not explored them recently.
  • Oak Tree in the front
    • Brian Pressnall trimmed the tree last month. Wes and Aaron Rivers hauled away the debris. Thanks all three for your efforts.
  • Roof
    • No update
  • Textiles Drier lint trap
    • No update
  • Mowing
    • Garden Committee confirmed that we should not mow inside their area. They are taking responsibility for the area between the fence and the building..
    • Brian mowed and trimmed mid-October. We planned one more mowing before the end of the year, but at this point not sure if we are going to need it. We can probably leave it and just mow early in the Spring.
  • Welcome Center Countertop
    • Saga and Wes are checking their schedules to try to work in the final pour. It will likely be some Sunday this month.
    • Still working on logo. Need to check with Jai to see if he is working on that or not.
  • LED lights
    • No update
  • Print Shop walls
    • No update
  • Task list spreadsheet
    • No update
  • Window AC Units
    • Textiles unit and one of the Ceramics units have been installed.
    • Joe is currently working on ERP.
    • Still need plan for power.
  • Curtains
    • Curtains have been installed in Classroom 2.
    • Hardware has been installed in the Woodshop cutting room.
    • Going to work on getting hardware in the remaining rooms.
    • June is working on the curtains for the next room, not sure which that will be for.
    • Discussed that whatever we use in Metal Shop needs to be fire resistant and what we use for Woodshop needs to be easily cleaned.
  • Door to South Hall Chase
    • No update
  • Door Closers
    • No update

New Business

  • Glass Display Cases
    • Wes is working on installing rope lighting.
    • Need to install a power switch. Will need to drill into the wall and install a flush-mount box.
    • Looking into motion sensor to trigger light to avoid having to manually turn them on and off.
  • South Entrance
    • Concerns have been expressed about the opening over the door. The tarp seems to be loose. Saga is looking into some spare siding that we can install over it.
  • Ice Maker/Water Filter
    • Steve ordered a new Ice Maker and 3 filters. He installed these yesterday, and we now have a full bin of ice.

Next Meeting

  • December 7th at 6:30 PM