October 10 2022

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Leads Meeting 10-10-2022

Original Minutes on Google Drive


  • Mike Atherton
  • Patrick Hutchison
  • Rustin Atkeisson
  • Steve Saner
  • Aaron Rivers
  • Ernie Kind
  • Doug Wilson
  • Ethan Doak
  • Steve Owens
  • Malissa Long
  • Dean Day



  • Angel Mejia
  • David Mendoza
  • Ken Steadman
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Tom Bloom
  • LaDeana Dockery
  • Saga Romig
  • Sean Sandefur
  • David Springs
  • Dan Kreis
  • Anna DiSalvo
  • Wallis Mead
  • James Lancaster
  • Sherry Ibrahim
  • Scott Sullivan - Vacation
  • James Seymour - not in for various reasons.

Area Updates

Ceramics - Patrick H / Scott S

  • Kiln down.  Will diagnose this evening and figure out what needs to be done to fix.
  • First dip glaze purchased - clear.  Will have up and running soon.
  • Classes on horizon.  Scott will be posting some in November and December after he’s back from vacation.  Have two new members who want to teach a variety of classes.  Michelle will be scheduling classes again starting in January.

Electronics - James S

  • Judith is taking commands via arduino.
  • Big shout out to the middle school young adults who helped clean the lab.

Fab Lab - Steve S

  • Nothing has exploded.  Just normal maintenance issues.
  • Kip is going to be writing up some instructions for using the foam cutter.

IT - (Rusty)

  • Working on policy review / updates.
  • Believe they are still looking for new members.

Jewelry - Mike A

  • This weekend the Jewlery leads are going out to a closing jewelry shop to look at equipment that could be donated or sold to the space.  May also be able to access wholesale prices through the same party.

Letterpress - David S

  • We were able to finally purchase the supplies necessary to start teaching classes in Letterpress. As soon as Christian adds “Letterpress Area” to the drop-down, I’ll be putting our first Authorization class on the calendar for October 26th. I have also been notified by Bento that my card is on the way! Yay!

Metal Shop - Rustin A

  • Having some issues with the CNC plasma cutter - Jimmy is working on new electronics.
  • Shop was left a mess on October 9th - Please clean up after yourselves and put equipment back when you are done.
  • Spot Welder did not sell… we are now working on a plan to re-home it.

Printmaking - Doug W

  • Got a new pressure washer!  (Donation by Doug Wilson)
  • Got a BUNCH of new inks.  Should last nearly a decade.
  • Cleaned up over a dozen screens.
  • Emulsifying some screens tonight.
  • (I won’t be able to personally attend Maker Mondays for the next 10 weeks.  I’ll find a suitable member to showcase the area in my absence.  Classes and print jams will still continue.)
  • Looking for an affordable six color press with better registration.

Security - Ken S (Rusty/David)

  • Ken is stepping down as Security Lead.  I (David) have agreed to fill in for the present.
  • West door does not currently fully shut on its own - please make sure you pull the door shut.

Woodshop - Aaron R

  • CNC Shopbot is having some problems.  May be able to fix it this evening.
  • Doug and Aaron fixed the drill press quill return.

Textiles - (Malissa)

  • Middle School Volunteer night got a lot of yarn organized.
  • Next Middle School Volunteer night want to get scraps organized and ready to sell or used by members string quilts or stuffing .
  • Classes should resume next month.
  • Malissa would like to officially be reinstated.

Gallery - Ernie K

  • First show is up!
  • Walls are up, thanks to Aaron and a number of other folks.
  • Got it taped up for painting.
  • Have lights, but need to figure out the best way to get them installed.
  • May do a Halloween themed show for the next one to go along with events in the building.
  • Will have a Gallery Committee meeting in the next three weeks.  Will work on policy and start setting the shows for the next year.

Areas Not Represented / Not Present:

  • Lounge / Breakroom - David M
  • Garden - Sean S

Committee Updates

Anti-Discrimination and Harrassment Committee - Sherri I

  • We have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday October 18 at 7PM.  It will be both live and virtual. Everyone is welcome to attend.  We will review edits to the current document and also review the Diversity/Equity/Inclusion & Belonging Blueprint proposal we received from Shana Chivon.

Awards Committee & Donor Wall - Jai C

  • x

Classroom Management Committee - LaDeana D (Rustin)

and Events Committee

and Special Projects (and Makerfaire)

  • Muse Meridian Steam Punk Carnival happened - a lot of great acts, made a couple connections.
  • National Drive Electric week at the zoo - had a few members show up and made connections with some off gridders.
  • Renfest - was insanely busy. Venders did more than break even.
  • Wichita Library Tech Day - had a good turnout.

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - Sherry I

  • The September meeting was all virtual and attended by 4 people - Kim Nguyen, Malissa Long, James Lancaster, and myself.  I really appreciate the help!  Rustin has also been added to the Facebook page as an admin and has been sharing some high engagement posts.
  • James helped iron out some access issues, we reviewed the social media policy and formulated a short term plan for early October weekend events.  The Renaissance Festival MakeICT posts were most numerous and most successful on Facebook, with FB reporting 13,339 people reached and 874 engagements total for the various Ren Fest associated posts.  It is very helpful when members like and share anything on our social media outlets, so we don’t have to spend money promoting ourselves.
  • In the interests of increasing communication between spaces, the committee would appreciate it if the leads meeting notes could be shared to the forum.
  • The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday October 26 at 8PM and will most likely be entirely virtual again.  We will discuss creating November’s promo plans as well as those for the anniversary event, as well as plans for the upcoming year.

Facilities Committee - Saga R

  • x

Finance Committee - Dan K (Jai C)

and Scholarships

  • x

Fundraising - Ethan Doak

  • Ben Rogers has been doing an awesome job as a new committee member.
  • Malissa and LaDeana are working on a grant and need some info to finish the application.
  • Rustin is still working on getting the SAMS number.
  • Dean talked about Rustin meeting with Cosmospher folks about how their for-profit arm is set up to learn if that might be a useful model for us.
  • Malissa just took a fundraising class from the Non Profit Chamber.  Good information about funding sources.  69% of typical funding sources are from individual giving, not grants.
  • Gary/Rustin/LaDeana or someone is working on getting our membership set up with the Non Profit Chamber.

Gallery - Ernie K

  • Committee will meet in the next three weeks.  See area report above for more.

Inventory - Anna DiSalvo/Wallis Mead (James L)

  • Had a Friday night cleanup event.  Aaron and Rustin are thinking about working Thursday night to do some more cleanup in Room 4, and to move out the Renaissance Festival stuff.

Membership (and Community Outreach) - Jai C

  • x

Multimedia - James L (Mike A)

  • x

Outreach (and Education) - LaDeana D

  • x

Other Business Discussed


  • December 3rd signature event.
  • We would love to encourage each Area to offer a variety of short make-and-take classes during the 1pm - 5pm time.
  • We will be hosting both a vendor event (1pm -  5pm) open to Maker’s and the public, and a member-only maker tools and materials garage sale that Areas may offer items in as well.
  • We would like to use room 2 for the “garage sale” and offer areas and committees the opportunity to stage surplus items as soon as possible.
  • Will need volunteers or a variety of jobs.
  • Malissa will work up the form/info to request a proclamation from the city.
  • Will have a band at 6pm.  Will work through a state program that funds educational events so it shouldn’t cost us.  Aaron will fill out the paperwork, Malissa is familiar with the details of the grant.
  • Ben R is working on catering / food request, and other sponsors.

Class Sign Up - Doug Wilson

  • Classes with size limits should be paid up front in order to reserve a spot.  It’s been common for members to reserve a spot, NOT pay, then NOT show up.  Very frustrating.  It could be just a matter of changing an option in the event creator to only accept online payments, and require cash members to be on a “stand-by” sort of list.  Doug will contact IT.

Items to Bring to the Board Meeting

Gallery Status - Aaron R

  • Do we need to review the minutes and determine if we approved Gallery as an area, in addition to the recent approval for the Gallery Committee.  If we didn’t get it all done right, we should get that done at the next board meeting.  Aaron will sponsor the motion but needs someone to research if a motion is needed.  Rustin will research.

Malissa / Textiles

  • Malissa would like to be reinstated as Textiles Lead.