October 17 2019

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2019 October 17 Board meeting minutes


Roll Call

Board Members

  • President - David Springs
  • Vice President - Alysa Bumgarner
  • Treasurer - Devin Halsey
  • Secretary - Rustin Atkeisson
  • At Large Director - LaDeana Dockery
  • At Large Director - Scott Sullivan (Absent)
  • At Large Director - Josh Robinson
  • At Large Director - Malisssa Long
  • Immediate Past President - Kim Burton


  • Ken Steadman
  • Angela Mejia
  • Paula Pankratz
  • John Nicholas
  • Philip Fraser
  • Kate Goad
  • Daryl Goad
  • James Lancaster
  • Patrick Hutchison
  • Kim Burton
  • John Withers
  • Emily Ediger
  • Bart Walker

Standing Items

  • Thanks & recognition
    • Rustin thanks for all of the work on the firetruck! & also for keeping up the grass @ new campus
    • Josh thanks for keeping up the new campus lawn and working on the new vending machine
    • James and Patrick for all the visual aids and research with Booth Elementary
    • Building Mod team for working on room layout and tracing circuits
    • Gary Titus, Mark Satoria, Terrance, Ken Steadman for knocking out the infrastructure at Booth
    • Christian Kindel for keeping 1500 Douglas running

Old Business

  • New Committee Standing Rules Vote
    • Trying to establish a way for new areas/groups to form
    • Current areas will stay areas
    • Might modify down the road to provide a path for committees to become areas
    • Goal is to get more individuals involved
    • Difference between Area Lead and Committee Lead
      • Area leads have square footage and a budget
      • Committee leads would have to request a budget


  • Motion made by Malissa to vote on above rules. No Second
  • Standing rules modified to state ‘Committees are voluntary groups, formed in order to operate and maintain a new area of the Makerspace’
  • Motion made by Malissa with new verbiage, 2nd by Josh
    • Motion passes: 7 approved, 0 abstained

@DECISION: Standing rules for new committee creation approved.

    • Working on brochures to hand out to neighbors over the weekend - Alysa will work on this
    • Going to have lo-key get together with the new neighbors October 25th
    • Need to put up signs on doors saying what each room will be and what tools will be in each room
      • Need to have a cleanup day beforehand Wednesday and Thursday as needed

  • Current Committees
    • Communications (standing committee, exempt from 5 head rule)
      • Facebook, Malissa Long Wilson / General call for Makers & Updates, LaDeana Dockery
    • IT (standing committee, exempt from 5 head rule)
    • Membership & Community (standing committee, exempt from 5 head rule)
      • Scholarship (being absorbed by Membership & Community)
    • Outreach (standing committee, exempt from 5 head rule)
      • Makerfaire (seasonal, being absorbed under Outreach)
    • Finance (standing committee, exempt from 5 head rule)
    • Security/Safety (standing committee, exempt from 5 head rule)
    • Building Search Committee (ad hoc)
    • Fundraising Committee (standing committee, exempt from 5 head rule)
    • Special Projects (to be covered by new committee policy)
    • Creator Showroom (to be covered by new committee policy)
    • Election Committee( ad hoc)
    • Awards Committee (to be covered by new committee policy)
      • Kim has agreed to head this committee, she wants the list of donors
    • Facilities Committee (new, standing committee, exempt from 5 head rule)
      • Cleaning and Organizing (absorbed by Facilities)
        • Zoe Urban / Phillip Fitzmaurice / Steve Owens / Kate Goad / Bill Moehring / Paula Pankratz / Terrasel Yoder / Michelle Lefavor
      • Inventory Committee (ad hoc, absorbed by Facilities)
  • Ad Hoc Committees
    • Moving Committee
      • Jens Torell- budgeting / Jimmy T- logistical planning/moving
    • Space Planning Committee
      • Jason Phang / Jason Carpenter / James Lancaster / Jimmy T / Emily Ediger / Steve Owens / Paula Pankratz / Anna DiSalvo / Phillip Fraser / Heather New / Terrasel Yoder / Michelle LeFavor
    • Physical Move Committee
      • Steve Owens / Ian Cazabat / Fork lifts, David Springs / Pallets, Malissa Long Wilson / Pallets, Steve Saner / Tect Aerospace, KGT, Pallets, Paula Pankratz (Howard) could load trailers / Bill Moehring / Paula Pankratz / Truck, Anna DiSalvo / Box truck, James Lancaster / F250 and car hauler, Dean Day / 3/4 Ton Pickup, Jim Hammer (Mr. Science) / Mover, Terrasel Yoder
    • Procurement Committee (to be covered by new committee policy)
    • Building Modifications
      • HVAC, John Nicholas / Architect, Jason Phang / Electrical, Jimmy T / Helper, Steve Owens / DIYer/System Admin, Ian Cazabat / Packing Crates, Paula Pankratz / Basic repair, Bill Moehring / DIYer, Anna DiSalvo / Designer/Builder, Heather New / DIYer & Pickup, Roy Lyon
    • Garage Sale Committee
  • Motion made by Malissa (2nd by Devin) to accept the list of current standing and ad hoc committees as listed in the minutes above.
    • Motion Passes: 7 approved, 0 abstained

@DECISION: Committee list updated per Meeting minutes from 10/17/2019.

  • Garage Sale
    • Room 7 is full of stuff
    • Started filling Room 8
    • David is loaning a 4x8 trailer to help transport stuff for the fair

New Business

  • New building Area Allocation Vote

Upcoming Events

Committee Reports

Requested items from each committee:

  • Accomplishments this month
  • Upcoming goals
  • Where do you need help/how to get involved?

IT - Tom Bloom


Looking for a new committee lead

Creator Showroom - Dean Day

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - LaDeana Dockery

  • Looking for someone to take over Communications

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman

  • Adding Gary Titus and Phillip Frasier to the Security System
  • Have fire detection and have it monitored (working on permit)
  • Have motion and door detection and remote monitoring
  • Jeff Eck has procured the sheet metal to replace where the wood is on the broken windows in the door
  • Still procuring parts to do electronic badge-in on the new building (should be a pretty quick install)


Looking for someone to take over Scholarships

Outreach (and Education) - Daryl Goad

  • Did screen printing at Mulvane Library
  • Will be doing a lot more in the coming months
  • had 1 new member join from a presentation a member gave to MENSA
  • Pretty Prairie is looking for volunteers to help teach art and technology
    • Malissa and another member taught 2 classes out there
    • Pretty Prairie is now considering starting their own makerspace4
    • Garden Plains is also looking into starting their own makerspace by teachers

Fundraising- Kate Goad

  • Had a meeting on 10/16
    • Did not get some funds from various Walmarts, suggested we try again Jan. 1st
    • Getting addresses from memberships for a direct appeal
    • Looking to work with the Building Mod Committee to put together packages for rooms
    • Need to get a group together to go in and talk with Granger
    • Want to put in a privacy policy so people are more willing to share information
    • Solar match $1000 grant
    • Want a list of donors for a donor wall

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - Nicole Kirkhart

  • 4 makers and community build for Riverfest Parade
  • Fire Truck is making progress
    • Need to deliver it for a parade on the 26th
    • Will have it out on the 25th in front of Hero Complex for Trunk Or Treat
    • Candy is being donated by a member
    • Josh has volunteered to help 3d print trinkets

Building committee

  • Focusing on plan to get us into the building
    • need to meet whatever requirements taken care of that are set forth by zoning and occupancy requirements
    • have sprayed for spiders
    • are working on getting tile samples tested to make sure they are free of asbestos
    • working on getting fire extinguishers inspected (will happen after zoning)
  • Adjourned at 8:54pm

Decision Summary

    Task Summary