October 19 2023

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Board Members

  • Rustin Atkeisson, President
  • Aaron Rivers, Vice-President
  • Gretchen Koch, Secretary
  • James Lancaster, At-Large
  • LaDeana Dockery, At-Large
  • Michael Atherton, At-Large


  • Sam Richardson
  • David Lin
  • Dean Day
  • Brad Cozine
  • Serena Oden-Powers
  • Ryan Lawrence

The regular monthly meeting of the MakeICT board of directors convenes on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 7:00 pm in the MakeICT building.

Mission Statement

  • MakeICT is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and is operated entirely by volunteers. It’s our mission to innovate, learn, and build community at the intersection of art, technology, science, and culture.

Thanks and Recognition

  • Matthew Cleary, Chris Wirgler, Wes Timmerman, Dave Hanson, Ryan Smeidler, Larry Meeks, LaDeana Dockery, Dean Day, Patrick Hutchison, Gretchen Koch, and Rustin Atkeisson for their efforts to help out and support the Renaissance Faire
  • Larry Smith, Sean Sanderfur, Rustin Atkeisson, Lisa Miller, Aaron Rivers for their help with cleaning up the garden
  • LaDeana Dockery, Sam Richardson, Rustin Atkeisson for keeping up with fundraising
  • David Lin for stepping up and helping with Maker Monday
  • Aaron Rivers, Wes Timmerman, LaDeana Dockery, Joe Birzer for coordinating with Buckley Roofing as the construction has progressed
  • Thank you to all the board members for making things happen this past month and stepping up to the challenge AND everything else we forgot to thank people for!

Old Business

Roof Funding

  • Payment is not due until the construction is complete.
  • We need to raise $38,000 to keep from digging into reserves.
  • Currently raised:
    • $2182 from membership
    • $4300 received in grants
    • $1900 awarded in additional grants
    • $708 pending
  • We’re about $29k shy on the fund raising.
    • We still have plenty of funds to cover the roof.
    • This just means other projects like putting better A/C in the rooms will have to wait.
  • Construction started 9/18/2023! (payment is due upon completion of roof)
  • Construction is expected to be completed by the beginning of October.

Members are asked to please continue contributing to the roof fund.

Maker Market in December

  • There is a committee of four people actively working to make it happen.
  • The group is definitely in need of guidance.
  • Need to get a contract approved for the vendors.
  • Rustin Atkeisson is willing to help provide guidance to the group.
  • James suggests amending the indoor contract.


Rustin moves to approve the vendor agreement for the second indoor event, contingent on it being updated for the 2023 December Maker Market event.

  • Mike seconds
  • Mike votes Aye
  • LaDeana votes Aye
  • Aaron votes Aye
  • James votes Yes
  • Gretchen Koch Aye
  • Motion passes

@DECISION: The indoor vendor contract is approved to be used for the Dec. Maker Market.

New Business

Board Appointments

Rustin moves to appoint Dean Day as Member At-Large.

  • Aaron seconds
  • Mike votes Yes
  • LaDeana votes Yes
  • Aaron votes Aye
  • James votes Mmmhmm
  • Gretchen votes Aye
  • Motion passes

@DECISION: Dean Day is appointed Member At-Large.

Rustin has been tackling both president and treasurer positions, and has chosen to step down as president in pursuit of treasurer duties.

Aaron moves to appoint Rustin as Treasurer.

  • Mike seconds.
  • Mike votes Yah
  • LaDeana votes Sure
  • Aaron votes Yepperoo
  • James votes Aye
  • Gretchen votes Boy howdy sure
  • Dean votes Yeah huh I like it
  • Motion passes

@DECISION: Rustin is appointed Treasurer.

Rustin moves to appoint Mike as President

  • LaDeana seconds
  • Dean votes Yes
  • LaDeana votes Yes
  • Aaron votes Yes
  • James votes Yes
  • Gretchen votes Yes
  • Rustin votes Aye
  • Motion passes

@DECISION: Mike is appointed President.

Mike moves to appoint Serena Oden-Powers as Member At-Large.

  • Aaron seconds
  • Dean votes Yes
  • LaDeana votes Yes
  • Aaron votes Yes
  • James votes Yes
  • Gretchen votes Yes
  • Rustin votes Yes
  • Motion passes

@DECISION: Serena Oden-Powers is appointed Member At-Large.

DRC Response Reports

Executive Session is called for 30 minutes.

  • Two former members have harassed members outside of the space publicly.
  • Their ability to rejoin or engage in the space should be revoked in perpetuity.

@DECISION: The question of revocation is tabled.

Request to have a ban revoked

Mike moves that the ban maintain, and the board will not reconsider this matter. This conclusion will be conveyed to the person in question.

  • Aaron seconds
  • Dean votes Yes
  • LaDeana votes Yes
  • Aaron votes Yes
  • James votes Yes
  • Rustin votes Yes
  • Serena votes Yes
  • Gretchen votes Yes
  • Motion passes

@DECISION: The ban is maintained, and this will be conveyed to the person in question.

DRC Reorg

Aaron moves that we formally dissolve the DRC. The board will assume the responsibilities of the DRC going forward, per the Code of Conduct.

  • LaDeana seconds
  • Dean votes Yes
  • LaDeana votes Yes
  • Aaron votes Yes
  • James votes Yes
  • Rustin votes Rrrrt, yes
  • Serena votes Abstain
  • Gretchen votes Yes
  • Motion passes

@DECISION: The DRC is formally dissolved, and the board will assume its responsibilities going forward, per the Code of Conduct.

Treasurer’s Report

Income: $12,500 Utilities insight: $2100 Instructor pay: $800 Shop expenses: $1000 Total expenses: $7500 Cash positive by: $5000 Currently have enough in the bank account to cover the cost of the roof

Approval of Previous Minutes

Mike moves to approve the minutes

  • Rustin seconds
  • Dean votes Yes
  • LaDeana votes Yes
  • Aaron votes Yes
  • James votes Yes
  • Gretchen votes Yes
  • Rustin votes Yes
  • Serena votes Si
  • Motion passes

@DECISION: Minutes are approved.

Committee Updates

Forum Moderators as Committee

For the following reasons:

  • The forum serves as a location for posting official announcements and other member-facing MakeICT content.
  • The forum moderators have authority and power beyond what regular members have.
  • The forum moderators represent MakeICT to an internal and external audience every day.
  • The forum moderators should be officially designated a standing committee, separate from IT, with the same privileges and requirements that all committees have, according to the Committees policy.
  • Aaron proposes that the forum moderators should not be a committee, due to the power they have over other members, and Security, IT, and the DRC should not be committees for the same reason.
  • This issue is tabled for now due to the need for further discussion and clarification. It will be discussed at the next Breakfast with the Board. Forum moderators will also be notified.

Propane Storage for Jewelry Lab

  • The 20lb propane tanks used in Jewelry are not rated for indoor use. Ideally we need to designate outdoor storage for the tanks and build up the storage area. Other options to propane have been looked at (oxy/acetylene, natural gas) and they are not as ideal.
  • An outdoor cage is possible, and estimated to cost $200-800. It would require pouring a slab and locking the cage, with the lead(s) having exclusive access. Tabled so that Mike can do more research and assess viable options.
  • The tanks will be removed from the premises in the interim.

Gallery: Exhibit of wood carving projects by Ryan Lawrence

  • The exhibit is proposed to go on display starting on December 4 (the day of Ryan’s MFA defense) and run for 2 weeks afterward, with guests visiting to view it.
  • Would prefer that the two-tone walls be painted a uniform white (satin or eggshell).

Mike moves to task Facilities/Gallery/volunteers with painting classroom 4 in an appropriate color.

  • Aaron seconds
  • Dean votes Yes
  • LaDeana votes Yes
  • Aaron votes Yes
  • James votes Yes
  • Rustin votes I’ll go with yes
  • Serena votes Yeah
  • Gretchen votes Yes
  • Motion passes

@DECISION: Facilities, Gallery, and volunteers will paint classroom 4. @TODO (unassigned, no date): add Gallery event to calendar

Decision Summary

    Task Summary