October 5 2021 - Facilities

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Roll Call

Committee Members

  • Joe Birzer
  • Steve Owens
  • Ralph Romig
  • Wes Timmerman

Old Business

  • Water entering the tunnels
    • Have not had much rain recently to keep an eye on, but the problem still exists.
  • Oak Tree in the front
    • No update, but Steve noted that after mowing the lawn a few times, he realizes that all of those trees need trimmed up to make it easier to go around and under them.
  • Roof
    • Ralph is still waiting on calls with the contractors.
  • Textiles Drier lint trap
    • No update
  • Mowing
    • Need to reach out to see if we can get a few volunteers rounded up to do the last few weekends. We have been doing it about every other week.
    • Need to do something with the garden area, as it is very overgrown and has not been getting mowed very well. Not sure if this is supposed to be Garden Committee's responsibility or not. We should follow up with Aaron Rivers.
  • Welcome Center Countertop
    • Second attempt at the bottom self looks good. Sanding has been finished and Ralph and Wes are trying to schedule the date for the final coat.
    • Still working on logo.
  • LED lights
    • No update
  • Print Shop walls
    • No update
  • Task list spreadsheet
    • Steve still needs to look into setting up a sharable sheet.
    • Also considering putting up a whiteboard for signups.
  • Window AC Units
    • Joe has started working on the Textiles unit.
    • Two new units have been purchased for Ceramics. After looking at them, they are too tall for the window, so we will have to remove it to do the installation. Need an idea. Plan is to start working on it October 12.
    • Still need plan for power.
  • Curtains
    • Curtains have been installed in Classroom 1.
    • Hardware needs to be finished in Classroom 2, as the curtains are done for it.
    • June is working on the curtains for the next room, not sure which that will be for.
  • Door to South Hall Chase
    • No update
  • Door Closers
    • No update

New Business

None at this time

Next Meeting

  • November 2nd at 6:30 PM