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Welcome to the Outreach Committee

Contact: LaDeana

Upcoming events

Please follow this link to our Calendar to see all upcoming MakeICT events.


Listing of all the activities that have been brainstormed, planned, or executed.

What Each Activity Needs

There are four basic things that each activity page needs to be complete. (consider having students who need service learning credit develop parts of the programs) Design is important to making a program successful.

  1. Materials and Equipment List. This should indicate whether an item is consumable in the case of make'n'take activities, just need a couple (think: wire cutters for brushbots), or are permanent resources that may need review/prep (like the Mindstorms robots)
  2. Preparation instructions. Details on how to put together kits, including how to prep each part.
  3. Presentation instructions. How do you put together a brushbot? A high powered rocket?
  4. STEM application. What's the science and math motivating this activity?

Backpack Kits

These will be small kit projects for make'n'take at fairs or expos, and demonstrations less than 20 minutes. Includes an inventory sheet and instruction sheet (laminated). Stocked with parts to do a number or students. Also consider selling project kits to schools and organizations. This could be something service learning students could help with.

Title Make'n'Take Duration(Minutes) Grade Level
3D Printer Demo No - Any
Brush Bots Yes 5 K-2
Marker Bots Yes 5 K-2
Jacobs Ladder Demo
Hyperbaric Chamber Demo
Gyroscope Bike Wheel Demo
Styrofoam Build-its
Dr. Goddard's Lab Stuff
Straw Rockets

One-Off Classes

These are activites that need a dedicated classroom space, whether it is at a school, a camp, or right at MakeICT. These can probably be put together as a kit, but they will teach a single, self contained topic or project from start to finish.

Title Make'n'Take Duration(Hours) Grade Level
Intro to Soldering Yes 120 Any
Scratch Programming Event No Day Any
Pom-Pom Shooters Yes 60 K-4
Potato Gun Yes 180 4-8
High Powered Rockets Yes 60 2-8
Processing Event
Little Bits Build
Styrofoam Kinetic Sculpture
Squishy Circuits
Stomp Rocket
Water Rocket
Lego Mindstorm


These will be anything that will span multiple days, whether that is a single weekend like a summer camp, or one day a week for several weeks. Each day will build on knowledge and skills from the previous days. These probably won't lend themselves well to "kits" and will likely require a skilled instructor. It's a given that these will require dedicated classroom space. Also consider involving parents or having classes that teach parents.

Title Make'n'Take Duration(Days) Grade Level
Scratch Programming Course No Day Any


Documenting the implementation and outcome of these events is important to show the contribution MakeICT is making to the community and raise funding. We should also be sure to brand our materials.