Powerwheels Racing

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Project Goal

To compete with a functional, working vehicle. Project end date: June 22, 2014


All project discussion occurs on our Google Group

Project Divisions

Because of the scope of the project and its complexity, certain functions of the final product have been split to burden various divisions.

Power Train

  • John
  • Alec
  • Dom
  • Jeff
  • James
  • Tom
  • Rick


  • Rye
  • Alec
  • Tom
  • Jens

Rules + Safety

  • Jeff
  • Rye
  • Tom
  • Dom
  • Jens


  • Jess
  • Dom
  • John
  • Scott
  • Tom
  • Sean

In addition, Alec will be the project manager overseeing all the group timelines.

Meeting Times, Goals, and Accomplishments

May 23, 2014

5:30pm @ MakeICT.

Things to be done before meeting time

  • Group leaders Jess, Jeff, Rye and John have a timeline for their respective divisions.
  • Alec has a composite timeline put together from all the division leaders.

Things to be done by the end of meeting time

  • Enter team on Power Wheels Racing page
  • Take pictures of team and car as needed for Racing page
  • Have a budget set.
  • With set budget, start researching various options for drivetrains, brakes, aesthetics, etc.
Position Appointees
  • Powerwheels racing web info person (for today)
  • labels for Moxie points
  • Volunteer for day of event
  • Flag design


30-60 minute 'official' meeting:

  • Discussion of Rules
  • Appoint new positions
  • Goals for subgroups by end of meeting
  • Break into subgroups (15-30 min?)
  • Subgroup reporting
  • End of meeting. Work on vehicle or whatever


  • Meeting times: Mondays at 7, Fridays at 5:30
  • Drivetrain/Chassis will meet after Bike Workshop 3:30 Saturday
  • Native american themed
  • skit: get people for the skit
    • driver trying to get car started
    • calls the tribe
    • "race dancing"
    • engine revving
  • Proposal
    • wheelchair motor
    • bicycle wheel
    • steel frame that is welded
    • 2 wheels in the front designed after Power Wheels steering design
  • Next Steps:
    • All see what wheels are available to us
    • John see if we can reverse ratchet system
    • Tom/John test the wheelchair motor for viability
    • All review what other team's 'get-up' is?
    • All locate 2 forks, 2 wheels


Power Racing Series Rules @ http://www.powerracingseries.org/rules