September 16 2018 Quarterly membership meeting

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Where: MakeICT Makerspace Classroom

Time: 5pm

Roll Call

Board Members

  • President - Kim Burton
  • Vice President - LaDeana Dockery
  • Treasurer - David Springs - Absent
  • Secretary - Ken Steadman
  • At Large Director - Paul Maseberg
  • At Large Director - Needs replaced
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long - Absent
  • At Large Director - James Lancaster - Absent


  • Jens Torell
  • Barbara Davis
  • Erik Dorsey
  • Shannon Fisher
  • Meghan Iacuzzi
  • Terrence Laurendine
  • Tom Bloom
  • Scott Sullivan
  • Curt Gridley
  • Christian Kindel
  • Mark Esau
  • Tracey Hoover
  • Dominic Canare
  • Kathryn Vernon
  • Joshua Robinson
  • Kate Goad
  • Daryl Goad
  • Paul Sheets
  • Dan Johnson
  • Nick Endicott


Status an update

412 members - class count (see slides)

New building proposal - to be presented by the new building committee

Board vacancy election

  • 4 members running for the open Member at Large Position
    • Nick Endicott
      • member for 1yr 2m
      • most of his time is spent in the woodshop
      • academic advisor for Wichita State
      • English Advisor
      • Grant Writer for Kaw Nation (Oklahoma)
    • Barbara Davis
      • Founding member
      • been involved with outreach
      • wants to get more involved with the metal shop
      • wants to help the board stop spinning it’s wheels
    • Melanie Jenney
      • Member since previous facility
      • Not as involved as would like- heard we were struggling for director at large and thought this would be an opportunity to be more involved.
      • Does have a full time job but loves MakeICT
    • Meghan Iacuzzi
      • New member, joined in June
      • Thinks a fresh perspective can be helpful
      • She is parole officer with KDOC - Social worker trained at KU.
      • Board service would be a chance to use her education.
      • Working on grant writing for MakeICT
    • need a quorum to elect a new person
      • if we don’t get a quorum, the board will appoint a person from those nominated
      • plan to use approval voting (not ranked) - can vote for multiple people
    • how can we keep the rest of the candidates involved?
      • we’re asking for committee leads right now
      • can add them to the directors list
      • getting new board members up to speed does take a while
        • could get a top 10 list going of what the board members wish they knew a yr ago
        • could get the people with degrees in this field help come up with a onboarding process
        • We really need a backup treasurer

Treasurer's report (not available)

Magic Wheelchair discussion and work


Voting will be held electronically after the meeting so that members not in attendance can participate. Please plan on checking your email and voting within 48 hours of the meeting. Survey will come from survey monkey.

New Building

  • Please come to Kim DIRECTLY when you hear a rumor
    • We have not voted to move
    • We have not voted to raise dues
      • Dues increase are an independent decision from a move
        • previous dues increase included a grandfathered rate for one year
        • need to do research on what people are willing to pay for what
    • We voted to have a membership vote on new building
    • Jens will discuss more detail of what’s going on tonight
    • Has a damage control e-mail been considered?
      • A New building is important, we are constrained by our current facility
      • This meeting is a result of that damage control
    • We are in an exploratory mode for a new building
      • Member here due to controversy on the forum
        • Buildings that meet our requirements are somewhat Limited in availability
        • Richard Harris has experience in market research and suggests that we survey membership regarding acceptable dues increase.

Do we want to improve existing facility or do we invest in expanded space?

Jens Torrell New Building Presentation

Link To Presentation:

Jens - founding member - located existing facility and is the building committee lead

  • MakeICTs Mission: Innovate, learn, and build community, at the intersection of art, technology, science, and culture
*Not going into detail on the existing proposal as much information regarding the facility offered by Curt is on the forum 
  • Short list of Criteria for new building
    • 20,000 sq ft
    • 24/7 access
    • HVAC throughout
    • Adequate utilities for equipment (like electrical, gas, etc)
    • Close to downtown preferred
  • Has this information been shared with membership?
    • A lot of the information was shared during investigating the building Curt Gridley proposed
    • Could put information from the meetings in the monthly newsletter
    • Info is out there on the wiki and the forums
  • membership projections is based on historical data.
  • Considering different budget scenarios
    • Could lose 10% of whatever the current membership is during move if dues are not increase
    • Trend has been to gain 120 members/yr
    • If we faze in increased dues we still project 10% membership decrease with a move
    • 100 increased 400 members during move to this location
      • were very public about how the grandfather costs worked when we moved from BlueBird
      • Nomcom provided contacts that have experienced moves and dues increases.
    • A dues increase to $35 would not meet 12 month targets.
      • First 3 scenarios are not viable for going to a space that is 20,000 sqft space
      • We are looking at what our savings/income will be at the end of 12 months
      • Scenario four is for 13K ft and grandfathered increase would be achievable but the sq ft would not meet more than immediate needs.
      • Scenario 5 shows if we went and bought a 20,000 sq ft building right now for about $500,000
      • Why not increase dues now?
        • Would have to set expectations first
        • Might mean we lose a few members now
        • Could give us a better position if an option to buy pops up
        • Family option membership should be discussed
        • There is a price point for membership- we could increase dues now and put it an escrow account
        • the 20,000 sqft was an estimate is not hard set but does provide for additional growth beyond the initial land grab of the move
        • Parking and door access have been considered
        • Have an agent searching for more locations
      • to do’s - Engage realtor - Refine requirements - Communicate with community partners - Fund raising strategy - explore location options - select location
      • Should we engage past members regarding new facility?
        • A website and account does exist if members want to donate to the move
        • There is a way to donate teaching income to building fund.
    • Need to look at ways to improve the use of the current space
      • Should we swap spaces between ceramics and electronics to give more space to ceramics as it serves more members?
      • There are increased costs associated with any increased usage of existing space
      • There is not a regularly scheduled building meeting.
    • Megan believes there is a an option to request grant money under “Building Community”
      • We are not as inclusive to our community as we could be
      • increasing the monthly dues might be exclusionary to the Wichita community area
        • a fair chunk of the Wichita community is at the federal poverty line
        • Terry - our dues are lower than the rest of the nation, the dues for some are a small part of the cost of their projects
        • Barb - would we be better taking more of our programs out into the community?
        • MakeICT doesn’t really represent the community
          • Primarily white male members and middle income
          • Terry - we are not doing what the typical person does in other ethnicities
          • Suggest that we table the inclusion discussion until later date and maybe include in the scholarship committee

Dominc Canar made motion to adjourn, Josh Robinson Seconded