September 28 2019 Planning Meeting

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2019 September 28 Building Planning meeting minutes


Roll Call


  • James Lancaster
  • Davis Springs
  • Ladeana Dockery
  • Kevin Bumgarner
  • Alysa Bumgarner
  • Patrick Hutchinson
  • Jason P
  • Cathy Bowman
  • Michelle Lefavor
  • Paula Pankratz
  • Allan Bacon
  • Mike Clough
  • Malissa Long
  • Logan Pajunen
  • Rustin Atkeisson

General Build Prep Issues

  • Need to have communication problems taken care of
    • Need to have groups talking together better

Building Prep

  • Looking at getting some carts to help with move and might be kept permanently in Room 2
  • Build would be in Phases
    • Lounge might go into Room 5
    • Not calling the kitchen/office what they are now
    • Will not knock down walls due to cost, fire prevention, other issues
    • There is some asbestos in the building, but has been remediated by the school system for the most part
      • We will test areas that we are concerned with to be on the safe side.
    • Malissa is willing to help run cables
    • In a later phase, Room 6 might be redone to handle auto mechanics
  • Considered portable eyewash stations
    • Has long term maintenance and insurance issues
    • Permanent eyewash stations turn out to be cheaper in the long run
    • Might have a lead on a previously installed eye wash station
  • Electrical
    • 1500 Douglas is run off 2x 100A panels ERP and Woodshop
      • Plasma cutter and A/C are both run off of the front 100 amp panel
    • New location has 400A main service panel
      • To have a commercial service run power to all the major equipment might be around $7k with the woodshop/metalshop/FabLab would be right up against the boiler room
      • Electrical is looking to be the biggest expense of the build
  • HVAC
    • Some rooms already have HVAC
    • Already applied for grants to get mini-split HVAC units
    • Room 1 has HVAC, but needs to be redone (mold)
  • Security
    • Do have people checking on the place at random times
    • Are having more and more people working on the building
  • Community Garden
    • Would have to drill a well
    • Might be able to borrow the well drilling equipment to do this
    • Might have to talk with Jens since current plotting shows a road going along the creek side of the property
    • Have several grants we can apply for.
    • Should also look at grey water reclimation

  • Phase 0
    • Stuff that absolutely has to be done before we can move in per Zoning and Insurance requirements
    • Like fixing the bathrooms

  • Phase 1
    • Make North Doors usable again
    • Office area might be used as storage (kinda like admin closet), also security stuff
    • Currently trying to use that office area for admin stuff
    • Room 6 Current Facility/Maintenance area might also be used for storage
    • Room 7 might be turned ERP (currently used for storing garage sale stuff)
      • Might also be used for storage
    • Room 9 might also be used for ceramics along with the Boys Bathroom
      • Would have to run clay traps on sinks
      • Currently the bathroom is a major concern with the insurance company, needs to be dealt with in short order
      • Would add an external doorway if money allows
      • Room 8 would be a print shop and textiles and would include West Bathroom for a wet studio and washout station
      • Room 10 would be Fablab - would make it easier to vent the laser cutters
        • Also has 220v outlet (might be a cost-saving)
        • might move over the CNC equipment from the ERP and/or possibly the shopbot or tormach
      • Room 11 and 13 would be the wood shop.
        • Possible knock out the wall between the rooms. If it is not financially possible, they may stay seperate rooms
      • Room 12 and 14 would be two separate rooms for the metal shop (clean room and a dirty room)
        • clean area might include jewelry lab
        • makes it easy to get access to the courtyard for a future Phase 2 blacksmithing/foundry area
    • Community garden would be in the courtyard area
    • Paint booth location has not been figured out but is considered a higher hazard level due to EPA issues

  • Phase 2
    • Might include door access control to each room to track how often spaces are really being used
    • Door access might eventually be tied to A/C control
    • Door access needs to be a universal system
      • Would put door passes first on areas of higher security concern
    • How this is helpful: woodshop is often left at 68F when no one is around
    • Outdoor casting firing Ceramics and Metal get a permit for fire pit would be needed