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ideas for Main_Page Layout/Structure

  • Welcome -> emphasize and decorate
  • General Information
    • floormap of makerspace with links to area pages
  • Administration -> Organization Structure? Operation of MakeICT?
  • Collaborative Projects and Special Interest Groups -> needs to be a seperate page/category
  • Classes and Hosted Events -> seperate page. event feed?
  • Getting Started Using Our Wiki -> Want to contribute?

alternative layout of main page

Main Page HWWWW

Waiting for final release of new Web site, much of this would be duplicated. In my opinion the wiki format is best for answering questions and for reference information.

Organization Theory

I have this strange idea to organize without regard to time. I feel as though information in a wiki should be sorted by relevance, and that relevance should be as timeless as humanly possible. A couple more Template:Dusty or Template:Abandoned templates would richly fill in readers about the project, while allowing it to be sorted without regard to time. Just a thought - trysten (talk) 17:50, 15 November 2017 (CST)