Tormach Access Policy

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Access Policy for Tormach PCNC-1100 Mill:

  1. Only current members who are authorized may operate the Tormach PCNC-1100 Mill.
  2. In order to be authorized to operate the Tormach Mill, a member must demonstrate through a skills test safe and proper operation of the mill to an approved authorizer, listed on the Wiki.
  3. Instruction will be available that demonstrates the safe and proper operation of the mill that is required.
  4. A member may be authorized for limited operation of the Tormach Mill for the sole purpose of practicing for the skills test.
  5. Some general machining knowledge or background will also be essential. A list of instructional material that covers this background information will be made available.
  6. Users are required to read and abide by the current MakeICT PCNC-1100 Operational Guidelines. These guidelines will evolve over time and users must abide by the latest version.
  7. If an authorized user fails to abide by the Operational Guidelines, or operates the mill in a manner deemed unsafe, authorization will be reviewed and possibly revoked until the member can demonstrate safe operation of the mill.
  8. Prior participation in the Intro to CNC: Shopbot class is highly recommended.
  9. Metal shop authorization is required to operate the Tormach Mill.

Approved by the board on May 15, 2017