Trespass Warned Persons

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The following is a list of persons/individuals with trespass warning issued to them by the Board of Directors of MakeICT or by Security due to either 1) board action or 2) keycard revocation. The named individuals are not allowed onto MakeICT property, or into the building, except as a guest of a Director or Lead Security Officer.

Named individuals are subject to KS 21-5808 regarding criminal trespass.

There will be a physical copy of this list made available and posted in the welcome area.

This list will be updated as warranted.

List of Trespass-Warned Persons

  • John Withers
  • Benjamin Rogers
  • Gaye Caine
  • Jesse Schlenker
  • Greg Cain
  • Gary Titus
  • Jay Christensen

Membership Responsibilities

Members are asked to do the following if they notice and identify a trespass-warned individual on the property and/or in the building:

  • Notify Security of the trespass, including the date, time, area of the grounds/building, and the name of the individual. Members may do this by emailing
  • Contact police, if they are comfortable doing so. If this action is chosen, they are requested to obtain the case number and share it with a member of Security by emailing

Members are asked not to issue trespass warnings themselves.

Last Update: 8/19/2023